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Top VoIP Security Threats

There are many people who are conscious of all types of VoIP Security issues: here you find the list of all VoIP security threats.

Denial of Service (DoS) 

The attack happens just because of the lack of resources. It also interrupted the VoIP phone services and dropped the phone calls. In the call centres, the improper network degrades the call quality, latency, and uptime.

War Dialing

This type of attack involves controlling the PBX. It scans to another telephone network. It starts working to dial numbers to connect to the modems or make other extensions.

Toll Fraud

Just like war dialling,  you can easily access make calls from the outside lines of the phone system. The hackers also dial expensive international calls from the outside line to your phone. That rack up expensive toll charges.


Phishing is a sort of assault that preys on unknowing users who place their trust in their caller ID. Victims reveal information such as the internal IP network, passwords, and other sensitive information.

Interception of Call

Attackers intercept unencrypted SIP traffic via insecure networks. To make matters worse, video is also a possibility.


It should come as no surprise that robocalls and other phone frauds frequently target voicemail boxes. Many people utilize “Private” or “Restricted” caller ID.


 Malicious software is used by attackers to steal phone or email credentials. More opportunities to breach your network and exfiltrate sensitive company data may arise as a result of this.

These VoIP threats create a more alarming situation If you have set up a Phone system. If the company has expanded, It is no longer a right fit. A Self- sufficient PBX suffices. It grabs the attention of the hackers. Sometimes, the VoIP attack is silent and remains undetected for months.

What do you want to look at in the VoIP service provider? When you are going to buy the services of VoIP service providers. The matter of cost is quite tempting. When the matter of security comes. There are more things you need to consider. 

How to choose a secure VoIP service provider?

The security of the VoIP phone system comes to implementation and compliance with security protocols. 

When you are doing work with Cloud PBX, The VoIP service providers meet security requirements. It depends on the industry and fulfills the specific needs. The best thing is to make an investigation to ask VoIP service providers.

VoIP Service Providers

  • What kinds of accreditations do you have?
  • Do you want to use third-party tools and services?
  • Do you want to train and retain the staff?
  • In Which way do you want to respond to security incidents?
  • Do you offer SRTP and TLS for call encryption?


Once you have answered the question, you must check out deep VoIP requirements. You must keep in mind top certifications in your mind.

HIPAA Compliance:

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires healthcare providers to keep patient information secure. Their phone systems, including voicemail and call recordings, are likewise subject to these restrictions. To safeguard patient privacy, VoIP servers must be configured.

ISO/IEC 20071:

This international standard specifies how organizations analyze and respond to security threats. It denotes that the company has put in place stringent information security controls.

PCI Compliance:

If you accept credit cards, you must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). you can also update the required operating system, as to secure the Vlans. Penetration testing against your organization’s IP addresses is also required. The security of the Payment data is only needed in E-commerce. If your VoIP solution isn’t PCI-compliant, you risk paying higher transaction fees and losing your business.

Compliance with SOC 2:

 Compliance with Service Organization Control (SOC) is a set of procedures that ensures consumer trust. There is flexibility in five areas, unlike other standards: privacy, security, availability, and data integrity. SOC 2 compliance is met by many respectable SaaS companies and cloud-based services.

It’s simple to understand how these qualifications might help you feel more secure. Certifying your on-premises PBX or home-grown phone system running on Amazon or Google Cloud can be difficult. When it comes to VoIP security, you don’t want to take any chances.

Communication with Customers

Another thing to think about is how successfully the business communicates with its clients. How do you know? Look for a status page, often known as a trust page, on the website. 

 The status page details are also updated on the VoIP Phone system. The incidents also affect the Voice services. Do they prove helpful? The updates are also time-stamped. 

The true reality of the IP telephone is that some interruptions might also happen. But it also matters how your VoIP vendor makes communication with you about this.

Call Encryption

In 2020, you’ll need call encryption in addition to certifications and clear customer communication. It uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) to encrypt calls (SRTP). These VoIP protocols work together to ensure that every call is secure.

Snooping is possible on unencrypted networks. Encrypted data, on the other hand, is useless to anyone who manages to record the data transmission. The importance of encryption from the phone to the service provider cannot be overstated. Data should be encrypted at all levels imaginable.

SIP is not encrypted for maximum interoperability. Because IP telephony is based on the IP stack, the transport layer is in charge of encryption. When this option is activated, data thieves will not be able to access the VoIP call session or the call data associated with it.

Inquire with your VoIP provider regarding call rates. The VoIP service providers ensure call encryption to the SiP devices. It can also use SRTP and TLS.

Security for healthcare providers using VoIP

Continue reading if your organization handles patient data or otherwise needs to comply with HIPAA.

Medical offices must configure their communication systems to ensure patient privacy. Your VoIP UK phone service is included in this. Patient information is regularly exploited to commit identity theft, making healthcare professionals prime targets.

When sufficient security mechanisms are in place, voice-over IP networks meet HIPAA criteria. To stay compliant, make sure your VoIP provider has agreements in place with business partners.

VoIP considerations to meet HIPAA

Some VoIP users are unaware that they require to disable certain services to stay compliant. Voicemail transcription, voicemail-to-email attachments, and visual voicemail aren’t allowed.

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