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Top Reasons Why Aircon Is Not Cooling

Are you facing this problem? Your Aircon gives you hot air and stops cooling your room. You know the importance of an Air Conditioner, especially in Summer. It cools your room or office premise to provide a comfortable environment.
But it is ultimately pathetic when it stops giving cool air. There might be a problem with the Air conditioner which you want to fix on your own. I’ll tell you about the reasons behind the malfunction of the Aircon.
After reading this article you would be able to know the reasons and the resolution to fix it.

8 reasons why Aircon is not cooling

Let’s discuss why your Aircon is not cooling. Here are some reasons which can be responsible for your air conditioner malfunction.
Let’s go.

1) Aircon Condenser Coils and Air filters

a) Sometimes dirt sets in air filters and causes the reason for the breakdown in the air conditioner.
b) It affects the quality work of the air conditioner by resisting the airflow.
c) The dirt inside the AC air filters leads to collecting the warm air.

2) Outside Unit
a) Evaporator (inside unit) and Condenser (outside unit) are two responsible parts of the air conditioner.
b) Evaporator helps to collect the warm air throughout the and throw it out to the condenser (outside unit).
c) Condenser helps to convert the hot air into cool air. It is necessary to clean the outside unit.

d) AC wouldn’t permit the hot air to the condenser if you wouldn’t be able to clean the dirt from the condenser.

3) Lack of Aircon Maintenance

a) There are usually technical issues that lead to the breakdown of the air conditioner.
b) You need to maintain your AC by an Ac Repair in Kolkata technician after a specific period.
c) It would be necessary to avoid further technical failure in the air conditioner.

4) Dirt in the Compressor

a) AC wouldn’t be able to pass cool air due to dirt around the compressor.
b) Compressor locates in the outside part of the air conditioner.
c) Clean the dirt from the debris that causes the malfunction.

5) Aircon coils

a) Aircon coils will be the reason if your air conditioner is not working.
b) There are two coils in the Evaporator (inside) and Compressor (outside) part of the air conditioner.
c) Clean the coils properly to avoid warm air.

6) Leak in Refrigerant

a) Refrigerant is one of the most important parts of cooling.
b) It changes the warm air into the cool air and gives us a convenient atmosphere.
c) The leakage in your refrigerant may be the reason for the failure in the air conditioner.
d) The leakage in refrigerant can cause the breakdown of the whole system of the air conditioner.

7) Thermostat

a) Thermostat is a device that informs the AC to activate when the temperature reaches a certain point.
b) Malfunction or breakdown in the thermostat could be the reason why your AC is not cooling.
c) It is your responsibility to check that thermostat is working.

8) Aircon size

a) Sometimes, air conditioner size can be a problem for the big rooms.
b) People usually buy an air conditioner that comes under their budget but forget about the size according to the room.
c) It is important to buy a well-sized air conditioner according to the room.
d) A small AC can’t cool the big room or hall.

Tips to troubleshoot your Aircon

A. Keep your AC maintained by giving it service from Ac Repair in Mumbai professionals after a scheduled time.

B. You should clean, repair, and replace the unit for the greatest benefit.

C. It is necessary to keep your filter clean by the time.

D. Most of the time people don’t look at all the wiring. Make sure that all the wiring connects to the AC.

E. Keep an eye on your refrigerant and try to give it maintenance after a long time.


As you can see, there are a lot of temporary reasons for the malfunction of the AC. You can resolve these problems on your own without the help of a professional.
All the problems need attention and a little bit of resolution to keep your AC away from malfunctioning.
Now you got the common problems that occur with AC and the resolution of how to solve them.
I hope this article helped you to know the all-common reason for the breakdown of the AC.

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