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TOP 5 best Pocket knives 2022

Pocket knives are indispensable not only for hunting but also in everyday life. With their help, you can quickly butcher the carcass of a hunted animal, skin it, solve various household issues – chop branches, open cans. In this regard, the acquisition of such a tool should be approached as responsibly as possible.

1. Pocket knife Stayer 47620-1_z01

Universal products that can be used not only for hunting but also in everyday life, in the home and garden. The knife has a blade of medium length, the blade is made of the highest quality tool steel. The metal has the necessary rigidity, so even fairly thick branches can be cut with such a knife. The original technology of sharpening is used in the manufacture, which allows the knife to remain sharp for a long time.

The blade rips the skin of the animal well, separating it from the bones and muscles of the game. The handle is also metal, but at the same time its mass is not too large, it is decorated with wood inserts. The balance of the knife is optimal, it is well suited for throwing. The design is quite reliable, which allows you to use the knife for many years.

The knife is equipped with a convenient Pocket mechanism of the highest quality – the blade ejection button is made of metal, it can be easily found even in your pocket by touch. The blade is ejected instantly, it takes a little time to bring the knife into working position. The mechanism does not stick, does not need special care, and will work even in conditions of heavy pollution. It is made from materials that do not corrode, so there is no need to protect it from water.


  • Sufficiently strong and reliable steel;
  • The blade retains its sharpness for a very long time;
  • Universal – can be used both for hunting and at home;
  • Looks attractive;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Optimal balance between blade and handle;
  • The Pocket mechanism is of very high quality – does not rust, does not stick even in the most difficult operating conditions.


  • The button starts to fail over time.

2. Pocket knife Hunter pro (0.9410) with sheath

A Swiss-made single-bladed product designed for use in the wild. The set also comes with a case made of nylon, it has an olive color. The knife is original, of very high quality – the company that produces it has been manufacturing products for about 150 years. The product is popular with tourists, hunters, and the military.

The manufacturer claims that the knife will last forever, so it is covered by a lifetime warranty against defects and factory defects. The cover usually wears out quite quickly – literally within a few years. On sal,e you can find covers specifically for this knife, and they are made from different materials – natural or artificial leather, nylon, fabric, and so on.

The knife is made of high-quality stainless steel, has a reliable Pocket mechanism, and a Spring Lock blade lock is provided. On the handle you can find pads with a relief surface, they are made of nylon, they will not slip out of your hands. The blade has a hole that is used to open the knife without the use of a pull-out mechanism.

The blade has a one-sided sharpening to the state of a razor. The outer surface is sandblasted and has a nice matt sheen. This was done so that the blade would not cast glare when exposed to direct sunlight. The knife is not afraid of moisture and dampness, it does not have to be lubricated. The stroke of the blade is very tight at first, but in the future, it is developed to an optimal state. Although the structure is foldable,


  • Real Swiss quality;
  • The blade does not need maintenance;
  • Long service life;
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • When the knife is new, the blade goes very tightly, then, however, it is developed;
  • High price.

3. Pocket knife Ganzo G7211

Designed for use in a variety of situations – hunting, fishing, hiking, as well as at home. The knife is characterized by compact overall dimensions. He carefully thought out the ergonomics of the handle – the product does not slip even from wet hands, suitable for both large and small hands. The blade is made from stainless steel of the original alloy, which includes manganese, chromium, and silicon.

These elements enhance the blade’s strength and give it anti-corrosion properties. The knife remains sharp throughout its service life, it can be used to work with various materials. The manufacturer carefully sharpened it according to the original technology – straight type sharpening was used, the surface of the blade was polished with a satin finish. The result is a semi-matte surface.

The locking mechanism keeps the blade in position. The knife is equipped with an Auto-Lock, due to which the knife can be opened with one hand. The handle here is combined: it is made of two materials – stainless steel and composite plastic. This combination provides high strength and increased rust resistance.


  • Attractive design;
  • Good handle ergonomics;
  • Neither the blade nor the handle rusts;
  • Does not slip out of hands;
  • Reliable Pocket mechanism;
  • The long period of operation.


  • The belt clip is a little flimsy.

4. Pocket knife Tradition Classic Stainless Steel No. 12

One of the cheapest models in our entire review of the best Scrimshaw Pocket Knives. This product comes with a cover, which is made of raincoat fabric, does not get wet even in the heaviest rain. On the backside you can find a loop for attaching to a belt, closes with Velcro. The dimensions of the knife itself are small, but the blade is very sharp. In the open position, its length is 16 cm, when folded – only 9 cm.ย 

The blade is rather short, so this knife does not apply to melee weapons. Near the tip, the thickness of the blade is 1 mm, which ensures the high strength of the product. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, practically does not become dull during operation. The handle is also made of metal but has a wooden lining. Wood is practically not subject to the damaging effects of moisture.

The blade is ejected from the handle by pressing the button on the side. The button is also a blade lock, which prevents spontaneous opening. Such a knife is simply indispensable on picnics and during hiking trips – it can be used to open a tin can, prepare pegs for a tent, cut bread, clean and butcher fish, chop even large bones, skin an animal, and so on.


  • Very sharp blade made of stainless steel;
  • Included with the knife is a fairly convenient and functional sheath that can be hung on a belt;
  • The opening button acts as a blade lock;
  • Compact overall dimensions.


  • Not suitable for people with large hands.

5. Pocket knife Luzon Large

A fairly large structure, characterized by an original design. This knife is ideal for everyday wear, as well as for hunting, fishing, ng, or other outdoor activities. The blade is made of high-quality steel, which does not show any supernatural characteristics but is quite capable of lasting for quite a long time.ย 

The metal resists corrosion processes well, the technology of its processing allows for decent wear resistance. The blade remains sharp for a long time, it cuts animal skins and wood well, it can be used to cut even bones that are not too thick, however, it must still be compared to more expensive alloys in some ways. The handle is made from original GFN thermoplastic.

The handle retains its original appearance during the entire period of operation of the knife, the pattern from its surface is not erased. The texture of the material is quite rough, it feels more like unpolished wood to the touch. The ergonomics are well thought out, the knife will not slip under any circumstances. There is a reliable limiter that prevents the palm from slipping onto the blade while working with a knife.

The Pocket mechanism is reliable – the knife is brought into a working position within a few tenths of a second. The total length of the knife in the unfolded state is 343 mm, the maximum thickness of the blade is 4 mm, while the weight of the product is 259 grams – the product turned out to be quite heavy.


  • Relatively cheap products;
  • Thick steel blade;
  • Looks stylish and courageous;


  • Peeling vegetables is not very convenient;
  • Wearing summer trousers is also quite problematic.

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