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Top 3 Proven Tips To Maintain Balayage Hair

In recent years, balayage hair has remained a popular hair coloring trend. French colorists’ freehand hair highlighting technique adds complexity to the hair. If you’re still unsure what balayage is, you’ve certainly seen it on celebrities, social media influencers, and even your friends and figured it was just regular highlights. Continue reading if you want to change your hair color without completely changing it. We’re breaking down what balayage hair color is and how it varies from highlights so you can choose the best option for your hair.

1. What is Balayage Hair?

The phrase balayage comes from the French word balayage, which means sweeping. Richard Ward, a royal and celebrity hairdresser, explains, “It’s a freehand hair coloring process that creates a beautifully blended, natural look with no harsh or visible regrowth lines.”

Balayage creates a sun-kissed, natural look with softer, less visible regrowth. When producing a natural, multi-tonal finish, the main notion is that less is more. To generate various dimensions in color, the technique employs regions of light and shade.

Because no foil is used and the color is applied freehand, Balayage differs from typical highlights. According to Richard Ward, the final product is “less uniform than normal highlights.” If you’re worried about having stripey color after a hair appointment, balayage is a great way to avoid it, especially if you’re going blonder.

The color developed is unique to you, and it can even be used to complement or detract emphasis from particular facial features. If you want to change your color but don’t want to go all out, this is a perfect option.

2. How To Care Balayage Hair

a. Wash Your Hair After Balayage Hair

Many individuals have questions regarding how to wash their balayage hair. Washing your balayage hair sparingly is a good rule of thumb. The quality of your balayage may be harmed by excessive washing. Your hair’s gorgeous color will fade more quickly if you wash it every day.

Washing your balayage hair more than twice or three times every week is ideal. To maintain your hair healthy, remember to use a conditioner. However, don’t leave the conditioner on for more than 30 minutes because it can damage your hair and make it brittle. It is similar to how you wash curly hair wigs or straight natural hair. 

b. Mask Your Hair

The hair mask is an excellent treatment for maintaining balayage hair at home. A moisturizing treatment will be advantageous because your hair will dry more easily after balayage. A hair mask will provide your hair with the necessary vitamins and natural oils. This treatment also improves the gloss and strength of your hair.

These hair masks can be bought in various flavors or made at home using the correct recipes. Whenever your hair feels dry or dull, apply the hair mask treatment. It is extremely recommended that you use them in moderation.

c. Protect Your Balayage Hair From The Sun

Be sure to protect your balayage hair from direct sunshine when you walk outside. The sun’s rays can damage your cuticles and cause your hair to dry out faster. A long duration of exposure to the sun will also fade the color. Make sure you use proper UV protection, which may include a variety of treatments to protect your balayage hair from the sun.

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