The Richest YouTube Star in the World: From The MrBeast

The internet is a wild and crazy place. There are digital cat videos galore, DIY beauty tips, and endless streams of videos about anything you could ever imagine. And if you have an insatious thirst for online video content, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of youtube star who make their living streaming their lives online.

In fact, these YouTube star are so famous that they’re even making bank in the process! If you’re interested in learning more about the top-earning YouTubers in the world and how much money they make from posting videos online.

List of the richest YouTube star in the world right now

Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie)

PewDiePie may be the poster boy for making millions from YouTube, but it’s important to remember that he didn’t become famous overnight. In fact, the Swedish online video star had an online presence long before he made the switch over to YouTube.

After growing his online fan base through his website, he switched to YouTube in 2010, posting Let’s Play videos on an almost daily basis. After years of building up his audience and his subscriber base, he became the first person to ever reach 10 billion views on the platform, doing so in 2015. Read More: Pablo Escobar Net Worth

After hitting this milestone, he signed a contract with Disney to post videos online, but he also continued to post on his own channel. These days, he’s one of the richest YouTube stars in the world, with a net worth of $75 million.


Markiplier is the king of Let’s Play videos on YouTube, with more than 23 million subscribers tuning in to watch him play all sorts of video games. Although he started out making videos on his own channel, he now posts to YouTube, where he’s been making a good living for several years.

He has a strong following on the site and makes good money from his videos, which can earn him $2 million a year, according to one estimate. He’s also turned his fame into cash in other ways, such as with his merchandise, including a book and board game, and even some voice-over work. Overall, his net worth is estimated to be $13 million.


If there’s one YouTube couple that’s as famous as PewDiePie, it’s probably Anthony and Ian from Smosh, who began posting videos online in 2005.

They’ve been some of the biggest names on YouTube ever since, with more than 40 million subscribers tuning in to watch their wacky and crude videos. The pair have diversified their brand over the years, and these days they’ve got their own network, own live show, and have been featured on TV and in movies, too.

They’ve also expanded to other social media sites, such as Instagram and Twitter, and have even dabbled in VR. All of this has helped them earn a very healthy living online, with estimates of their net worth being $20 million.

YouTube Couples

There are so many famous YouTubers who are couples, it’s hard to narrow down just a few couples to include on this list.

And although there are some famous YouTubers who have been dating for years and have built their brands together, this list is mainly focused on YouTube couples who have only recently become famous. Although many of these couples have been dating for years, they only recently became famous after gaining millions of followers on YouTube. Read More: Dwayne Johnson Net Worth

For example, there’s the couple behind the CutiePie and Fruit Ninja channels, who are a couple but not romantically involved. They’re one of the biggest couples on YouTube and make millions each year from their videos. Another couple you may have heard of is the one behind the Food Wishes channel. They’ve been together for years and only became famous recently after making the switch to YouTube.

Mr. Beast and DanTDM

Mr. Beast and DanTDM are two YouTubers who have been in that gray area between Let’s Play videos and gameplay videos for some time now.

Mr. Beast is a Let’s Play channel with a focus on Achievement Hunter content. Meanwhile, DanTDM is a Let’s Play channel with a focus on Minecraft. Although they’ve been making videos together and building their brands on YouTube for years, only recently have they become famous.

These days, you can find their videos on the top of YouTube’s trending page, and their combined net worth is estimated to be between $4 million and $5 million.

The Game and Shonduras

The Game and Shonduras are another YouTube couple whose fame has grown in recent years. The two of them started out on YouTube a long time ago, but they’ve only recently become famous and made a name for themselves on the platform.

Shonduras is a master at filming beauty and DIY videos, while The Game’s channel is focused on gaming. Other YouTubers can learn from these two by experimenting with different types of videos and trying new things on their channels.

Tips for Making Big Bucks on YouTube

Most of the YouTubers on this list have been posting videos online for years, but success doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to become one of the richest YouTube stars in the world like PewDiePie, you’ll need to put in some serious work first.

First, you’ll need to come up with a creative idea for a video. There are tons of different types of videos that you can make, so you have plenty of options. Once you’ve decided on a topic, you’ll need to shoot your video and edit it.

From there, you’ll need to get people to watch your videos, which can be tough because there are millions of videos on YouTube.

Final Words: Are you willing to risk it all to become a YouTube Star?

Becoming a YouTuber is a risky venture that not everyone will be successful at. While there are some people who make millions from the platform, there are others who simply don’t get the same level of engagement. It’s also important to remember that not every YouTuber has a glamorous life.

Many of them struggle to make ends meet and have to work hard to make their videos, often putting in lots of long hours. While it’s possible to make a decent living from YouTube, it’s unlikely you’ll ever become a multi-millionaire unless you can get millions of people to subscribe to your channel. No matter what you decide to do, be sure to take your time and don’t rush into things.

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