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The Best Desktop Application For Google Maps Scraping

Google Maps Scraping

Is Google Maps Scraping Legal?

The best Google Map Extractor just makes it easier to find business data from millions of business listings. All you’re doing by scraping Google Maps data with a Google Maps Grabber is taking the manual work out of it so you can work smarter, not harder.

If someone scrapes your personal data, you may think – is it legal?

The answer is, it depends.

Businesses registered themselves to get more customers. That’s why they keep their contact information public. So that everyone can contact them for purchasing or selling.

Think about it – you’re not scraping private business information from Google Maps. Their data exist on the Google Maps already publicly – it’s public information.

What Is The Best Desktop Application For Google Maps Scraping?

If you’re not sure which Google Maps Scraper tool you are going to use, it can be overwhelming. There are tons of Google Maps lead generation tools out there on the internet, and they all look to do the same thing, right?

We won’t spend much time here, because you just wanted to find the best tool to scrape Google Maps data and wants to learn how to use it. We’ll keep it short and sweet and explain why Google Map Extractor is the best tool to scrape Google Maps and how can you use it.

Google Maps Email Extractor is the most professional and most used Google Maps web scraping tool as it can find and scrape data for all the countries supported by Google Maps. You can also export b2b leads into CSV, Excel, or Text files within the same tool.

What Are The Best Attributes Of Google Map Extractor?

Our Highly experienced and Expert team made this Google Maps data extractor software for business owners, b2b marketers, and freelancers. After purchasing this Google Maps Listing Scraper tool you will get targeted businesses data from Google Maps for b2b marketing.


  • Google Maps data miner can find data of businesses for targeted industry and location by name, zip code, and category. and business listing URL.
  • If your computer shuts down when you are using this Google Maps Business Extractor software. The software will resume the Google Maps data extraction process from where it is stopped.
  • The Google Maps search tool saves your search records to avoid typing those keywords again.
  • You have multiple options to save your data such as CSV, Excel, Text, or Unicode formats.
  • User-Friendly and coding-free business scraping tool.

How Does Google Maps Scraper Work?

1: Download and install the Google Map Extractor from the website ( on your computer and launch it.

2: Search for the business for the targeted location and industry from Google Maps by name, zip code, category, or website URL.

3: Click on “Run Extractor” to extract data from a business listing.

4: Export data from a business listing to CSV, Excel, or Text files by simply clicking on the “Export” button.

By following these simple steps, the Google Maps Location Scraper will start extracting and collecting businesses’ emails, names, phone numbers, ratings, reviews, latitudes, longitudes, working hours, and much more. The software has many filters to remove unnecessary data and for Google Maps scraping. The Google Maps Business Lead Extractor 1-month license price is just $49.99.

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