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Steps To Ride An Electric Unicycle For The First Time

Riding an electric unicycle isn’t as complex as people think it is. All you should do is give it time and let yourself practice often! Remember, practice is the only key. You must provide yourself with open space and ride your uni bike as much daily as possible.

There are no essential steps to learning to ride a unicycle because it’s really up to your balancing skills. It won’t take long if you have been skating or riding any such vehicle. On the other hand, if your brain’s torsion resistance is not so ideal, you might have to struggle.

Whatever the case is with you, always keep your electric unicycle riding shoes on for safety! As a beginner, getting hurt in the first few days of practice can demoralize you.


Some essential requirements you should always fulfill before riding an electric unicycle are as follows. Make sure you have most – if not all – available when starting as a newbie.

  • Buy the right torsion shoes (electric unicycle riding shoes)
  • Wear a helmet as a beginner
  • Keep the unicycle charged above 60 percent (at least) before riding the unicycle.
  • Find an open space to practice in

One-Foot And Two-Foot Practice

Before diving into what one or two-foot practices are, we should know how to stand on an electric unicycle. If you develop a habit of maintaining posture while you ride, it’ll take you no time to become an expert.

Make sure you have your back straight and your legs right beneath. What we mean here is no bending. Especially don’t bend the right side of your body if you have the right foot on the pedal. Vice versa for the left side – bending is risky because it makes you lose your balance.

One foot practice is the first step you begin training with. Two-foot practice is the second step.

  1. While learning one foot, you get trained at placing one foot on the pedal. Once you are comfortable in your electric unicycle riding shoes, you have to hop on.

Place your foot on the pedal so that no weight is unevenly distributed. You can not bend or move in a way that shakes your balance. Placing equal pressure is crucial because otherwise, the unicycle will slide beyond your control.

  1. Moving forward, two-feet training is when you are finally ready to place both your feet on the pedal. Start slow and try to keep both your feet’s movements synchronized.

You must move both together if you’re moving, bend your knees when turning, and stand straight other times.

Balance And Control

Balancing is always the hardest part, even if you have started riding frequently. However, don’t worry. You will get the hang of the ride if you have a trainer to support you. It can help if you have the right electric unicycle riding shoes on.

Self-teaching an electric unicycle is hard. But you can always take the support of a boundary wall or a door to catch form. Just make sure you don’t go out too much public until you’re ready to handle the speed while balancing yourself.


Hopefully, now you’re not as terrified of riding an electric unicycle as you were before. Check out Kinetic DL’s amazing electric unicycle riding shoes collection to ensure you have all the essentials beforehand!

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