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Pursue a Degree from the Top BA Economics Colleges in Raipur

Completing your degree from the BA Economics colleges brings along another worry as to your further life choice to gain suitable employment. The effects of Coronavirus on the world are quite evident in every sphere of life. Other than shrinking the already fewer jobs in the market, this pandemic has increased competition exponentially across the board. Undergraduate students from any of the bachelor of economics hons thus are extending their education to prepare for better opportunities. Some of the best career opportunities available to such students have been mentioned below.

Aspirants that want to build their careers around business and management should know that economics is an extremely important subject for them. They might opt for this subject which will teach them about the various different factors that usually work around the financial institutions around the globe. The BA economics colleges is a three-year undergraduate degree with a primary focus on quantitative and qualitative aspects of economics. The courses of study in bachelor of economics hons include macroeconomics, econometrics, history of economics, statistics, microeconomics, political economy, etc. Some universities offer students the opportunity to choose a specialization in this course, in rare situations. There are many top BA economics colleges that offer this course including Amity Business School at Amity University Raipur and these colleges are known for their quality education and employment opportunities.

About Bachelor of Arts Economics Honors

Economics is a subject that is more important than ever before in India because of the changing times we are seeing today revolving around the economies of the country. The bachelor of economics hons offers great opportunities to students after they have completed their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. When you keep your focus on money and finance, a degree in the subject of economics will also give you better insights into the financial situations of the country and its various institutions. They have the skills that will help them attract good jobs and packages by the time students have graduated. Most students mainly go for MBA or PGDM but even without it, they can bag their dream jobs after finishing their bachelor’s.


At Amity University Raipur, economics is a three-year full-time degree program that is divided into six semesters. They have their own core courses, value-based courses, allied courses, and open elective courses. Principles of economics, mergers, and acquisitions in the economy, mathematical methods for economics, the agricultural economy of India, statistical methods in economics, fundamentals of public finance, microeconomics, macro-economics, international economics, economic environment of business, research methodology, economic growth models, application of growth models and planning are some of the semesters to name a few. Accounts, banking, and insurance, and introduction to politics are some of the allied courses in this degree.

Career Options

The BA economics colleges degree makes a student of economics familiar with the Indian economy, industrial economy, and agriculture economy. Graduates that want to make a career in the trade and commerce sectors. They can do great wonders with the help of this degree and the skills taught during the course. A bachelor of economics hons graduate should have an interest in the subject. And also problem-solving skills, logical reasoning capabilities, and analytical thinking in order to outshine in the professional field.

They can apply to job positions such as sales analyst, investment analyst, customer profit analyst, investment administrator, economist, and economics researcher. Students can hold a lot of value for the companies and institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Indian Economic Services after they complete the course. This course offers some really great career opportunities and scope with good salaries.

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