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Places to Find Cheap Food for UK Students – Money-Saving Tips

Students always have a tough time managing their fees and books in their college. They also find it tough to meet their food cravings within the budget. The students deserve delicious food at weekends or after a stressful day. That’s why this blog features a list of places to find cheap food for UK students within budget.

Students studying in the United Kingdom should explore the delicious food of this state. This blog will describe famous places that are serving tasty food that’s easy on the pocket. The advantage of visiting these places is that they provide special deals for students. So, don’t wait more and go ahead.

Places for Students to Discover Food on a Budget

Camden Market

If you want to enjoy your food with clouds floating over the sky, Camden Market is suitable for you. But you must check the weather condition before heading towards this food market. This place facilitates people with a variety of food products.

The specific quality of this place is that it offers a variety of cuisines from different places. For instance, you can get Maize Blaize from Colombia and fantastic food from China, India, and Thailand. Berger and Magic Falafel are other unique food dishes present at this market.

Pizza Express

Who doesn’t crave a good pizza on their cheat day? This place has a special kind of o2 discount. You can avail of this facility as a student because you have to maintain your financial matters. At the same time, you need tasty and tempting food to curb cravings. When you save money on food, you can pay for help with writing assignments to boost your grades.

The cuisine Pizza Express offers helps you get rid of your academic stress. The two significant dishes of £10 at Pizza Express are another beneficial deal for students. By availing of it, the group of friends can eat as much as possible.

Andu Café

Andu Café provides you the services of delicious Ethiopian food. The menu of this café is relatively small because it is a place that reflects the taste of Ethiopia. You will not be able to doubt the health and taste of their food. Hence, it is another fine choice to find cheap food for UK students and explore the flavors of Ethiopia. This pleasant food café is present in the center of Dalston.

Pizza Union

The flavors of the Pizzas in this restaurant are exclusive and admiring. Students always enjoy eating it because the place gives tasty food at affordable prices. The drinks and other food accessories are present at low prices at this food station.

The deal starts at £ 3.95, a suitable price for students. Another benefit of having delicious pizza at this place is getting the liveliest surroundings. Hence, you will have a wonderful time at this food station.

Dou Dou

This place is appropriate when you want Thai and Chinese flavors simultaneously. The system of giving out food dishes is a buffet; hence the choice is open to eaters. This eatery has variety of prices, there is no standard pricing like management assignment help that is affordable any time.

The prices at Dou Dou varies from day to night. For instance, in the daytime, food costs £ 5.90, and at night it accelerates to £ 6.90 due to higher demand. This café also provides the facility of taking away; hence you can enjoy the food on your cozy sofa and your favorite series.


Those students who are based around King Cross can easily enjoy this food. It is appropriate for them because they can buy food starting at £ 7.50. You will always find their products mouthwatering and suitable for health. Whether you are a vegan or require Gluten-free food, this is an ideal place to find cheap food for UK students. The customer service is also good at this restaurant.

Yo Sushi

People who do not specifically belong to Japan like to explore its food, Sushi. It is a combination of raw fish, rice, and seaweed. If you haven’t tried sushi yet, this is the best place to taste it for an affordable price. The taste of this dish is suitable for students, and everyone is aware of its healthy ingredients.

The other food items of this place are also incredible in their taste. However, the Wednesdays at this place become lucky for people because they offer valuable and special deals on this day.

End Words

That sums up our list of affordable places in the UK for students to enjoy a good meal without worrying about the budget. There are no upscale restaurants considering the pocket of students. Hence, after catching a glimpse of this blog, students will get an extensive facility. They will not need to search and interrogate other people about food places. They will get a brief account of valuable food places through the above-enlisted food stations.


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