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Online Programs at Aston University You Should Explore

Aston University never runs short on options when it comes to surprising students and accommodating their needs. The COVID outbreak forced institutes to initiate online/virtual classes, and Aston University was up for the task. The online courses here carry the same weightage as on-campus studies, and students can learn and develop essential skills. Reputable distance learning programs are constantly emerging with new trends and technologies. This post will uncover online programs at Aston University you should explore to achieve your dream of higher education. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Online Programs at Aston University:

Aston University is committed to providing industry-focused courses employers seek for their organizations. Students can develop skills and managerial mindsets to control the wheel and drive any organization to the top tier. With a perfect combination of theory and practice, students will never feel short on any front and go as forward as they have legs. The blend of modern-day technology has further aided the distance learning program, and students can enjoy it without hiccups. Here is a list of online courses you can study at Aston University for a better future!

1. Master of Business Administration:

To give you the “Aston Edge,” the Aston MBA incorporates a personal and professional development program based on recent behavioral science research. Graduates of the Aston online MBA program can think strategically, make decisions, and carry them out in the real world.

The Aston Edge program, which is taught in addition to the core curriculum, will help you build your skills portfolio. It will help you perform better, accomplish your objectives, and be prepared to face significant obstacles.

Graduates can practice the fundamental ideas learned during the program and develop into highly competent, enthusiastic leaders. Sustained professional success and new prospects may result from an online MBA. Students can learn the following modules/subjects during an online MBA degree.

  • Measuring and enhancing financial performance
  • Creating and delivering customer value
  • Crafting organizational strategies
  • The global economic environment
  • Leading complex organizations

Apart from these, students can also choose to follow available pathways (four pathways). Moreover, they can also select one module from each block. The available pathways are:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Business
  • Digital transformation
  • Finance

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2. MSc Business & Management Suite:

The business and management suite incorporates various business and finance-related degrees/courses. The online course aims to equip students with the required knowledge and skills to help them tackle organizational issues. The fully online teaching format aligns with the rising industry trends and technologies to cover all areas. Interested students can choose from the following courses to advance in this domain.

i) Business & Management:

Students who seek a more generalized approach to business and management should enroll in this degree. It offers flexibility and customized module options to help students gain confidence as leaders. The course will help you explore several facets of business and management and boost industry skills.

ii) Management & Finance:

Develop the superior financial abilities that future leaders require. Learn how to use contemporary reporting and tools to improve an organization’s bottom line while fostering the essential managerial abilities required to oversee finance teams.

iii) Global Business Management:

Learn about the impact of the global business environment on corporate decisions and behavior. Build up your knowledge of the dynamics of the global industry. This includes international organizations’ critical management, economic, and problem-solving skills.

3. MSc Business Analytics Suite:

Aston University also offers a suite of online programs in business analytics and craft industry leaders. Students can undertake the program to learn and develop technical skills to play with organizational numbers and ensure higher profitability. You can choose a program that best suits your career goals and make a difference in the industry. Here are a few to choose from:

i) Business Analytics:

The flagship curriculum provides flexibility and includes several modules for individuals looking for a more all-encompassing approach. The three data analytics categories—descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive—have various unique features.

ii) Management & Analytics:

Students can develop their knowledge of the tools, methods, and tactics required to utilize big data fully. This training prepares strategic executives who comprehend and utilize data-driven decision-making.

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