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Fluid Management Sensors

Fluid handling sensors are a diverse collection across all strain measurement device product lines. Customers are asking for sensors that can monitor fluid systems (without coming into contact with the process fluid). Pressure Metrics has developed non-invasive fluid monitoring pressure sensitive film to measure flow rate, totalized flow volume, bubbles in liquid, occlusions (blockage) in fluid flow tubes, internal pressure of liquid in tubes, liquid level in bags and containers, and weight or change in weight. in time for throughput.

Ultrasonic Fluid Technology

Ultrasonic fluid sensors work by emitting pulses of ultrasonic sound (sound inaudible to humans) between two crystals. By monitoring these signals and applying custom algorithms, Pressure Metrics ultrasonic sensors can monitor flow rate, totalized flow volume, bubbles, and liquid level. Since ultrasonic sensors do not need to touch the liquid, they are ideal for difficult or corrosive fluids, such as acids, sewage, and others.

Ultrasonic flowmeter technology

Ultrasonic flowmeter technology features superior time resolution designed for flow measurement in tubes. Pressure Metrics clamp-on flow sensors measure flow rates with exceptional accuracy and reduction ratios. Coupled with Flow DAQ touchscreen electronic system. Disposable ultrasonic inline flow sensors are also available for smaller tubing (< 1/4″ OD). The disposable in-line sensor is ideal for applications requiring high flow rate accuracy. Another proposed flowmeter sensor is the ultrasonic in-line flowmeter sensor.

proprietary non-invasive digital ultrasonic

The bubble sensors use proprietary non-invasive digital ultrasonic bubble detection technology. The in-line air detector allows for precise bubble size calibration for a range of fluids, allowing for extremely accurate bubble detection. Using a proprietary control board embedded inside the sensor housing, we monitor signal strength until the bubble disrupts the signal. With a fast-sampling rate of 4000 Hz, SMD bubble sensors can reliably detect even the smallest bubble moving at a high speed. Custom specs can be provided for OEM users, many factors can be customized for your specific application needs.

Ultrasonic level pressure indicating film is ideal for applications where constant level size is needed. The time of flight of the sound signal is measured between the sensor and the air-liquid interface. Point level sensor float switches are alternatively adept at calculating when liquid levels are below or above a specific point. Fully customizable horizontal, vertical, multi-level switches and liquid level sensors are available. A complete guide to the liquid level sensor is available on our partner site:

Force/pressure and fluid sensors

Pressure and occlusion sensors offer many advantages to fluid management systems. Occlusion sensors can use to detect pressure buildup in the tube, indicating that the flow through the tube is block. At Pressure Metrics, our engineers can combine standard ultrasonic fluid technology with our miniature thin-film occlusion sensors.

fluid handling applications

Scales use in many ways when it comes to fluid handling applications. Examples include our hanging IV bag scale which features an S251 load cell to weigh IV bags for accurate fluid levels. Reagent waste bags are also places in our low platform, overload-resistant scales to keep contamination to a minimum. Mass weight over time to determine fluid flow is another application where fluid can be monitors and measures by low platform scales.

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