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Mafia City Farming Guide for beginner & Pro player 2022

Mafia City Farming Guide For Beginner 2022

Like every other game, it begins with a lesson in which you will be taught about the basics of the game, the game’s rules of play, how you can participate in Mafia City, upgrading buildings, attacks, and more. After the training, you are able to manage all sorts of issues as you like.

In The Basic Mafia City, the player is responsible for numerous things, including structures, troops, leaders, and more. When you start this game, players simply must meet the objectives to complete the chapters. Here are the steps you should follow when playing Mafia City Game.

  • Find your goal and begin the process according to it.
  • Modernize your structures to increase the number of resources produced as well as power and work speed.
  • Train your troops, and improve troop structures to unlock higher-level troops.
  • Attack your enemies.

Let’s get started with our Mafia City game guide for beginners.

Guide For Building Mafia City Game:

The function of each structure has its own distinct purpose. For instance, counterfeiter buildings generate cash, while the cargo hub creates cargo. Thus, it is essential to keep watch on all buildings.


The mansion is the primary structure in the Mafia City game. Upgrades to the Mansion unlock new buildings and features, and upgrading it can also boost the speed of robbing. To upgrade the mansion, you must meet the prerequisites; your cash amount, wall levels, and resources. Simply tap on the Mansion Upgrade and click an upgrade icon. That’s it. As you advance with your building, the number of resources you have will increase, which is why it’s best to improve other buildings as well, including cargo hub, counterfeiter wall level, cargo hub, and much more.

Invest the Center

As you all know that training is a time-consuming cargo, and other resources are utilized in numerous improvements, and your team’s strength is critical when fighting; therefore, in order to increase overall performance [training speed and income generated from resources, strength, attack, and more) visit the investment center, then select any of these properties you want to invest in it. This is one of the most effective ways to boost the power of your gang. Continue investing. Upgrading Invest Center unlocks new properties.


Hospitals are places where troops and units wounded are treated. The troops you send out to fight enemies, and after the battle, you need to treat wounded troops to enable them to fight with the enemy. It is not possible to treat an unlimited number of troops at one moment as there is a limit. Upgrade the hospital to improve the number of wounded.


To improve the speed and the capacity of training, it is necessary to upgrade your club. Upgrade all clubs you’ve built within Mafia City. Mafia City to increase the capacity and speed of training.


There is no way to use all the troops to take on enemies since there is a limit/capacity fixed. To have more troops fight enemies, you must upgrade the building. By upgrading the dining area, you can increase the capability of the crime ops team.


This is in which you can exchange equipment. The upgrade of the Pawnbroker building improves the exchange speed and decreases the number of checks.


This structure safeguards your valuables by upgrading them to enhance the strength of its protection.

Black Market

Here, you can trade-in your precious resources for gold or other rewards. Keep an eye on it daily for the most attractive offers.

Bootleg Market

Here you can trade your resources with other users.


The location where arms are made and kept. It is upgraded to produce more.


The smelter produces metal. It can be upgraded to improve production capacity and storage capacity.

Pro-Tip for building Mafia city Game:

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