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Look At This Interior Designer’s Modern Take On Bedroom Cupboard Designs

A cupboard is an integral part of any house. It might occupy a bit of room initially but saves a whole lot of space as well. As suggested by the best interior designer, modern white bedroom cupboards look the most elegant because they can fit well with different styles of design. White shade symbolizes peace and allows light to play around the room as well. Here are some amazing bedroom cupboard designs that you can consider-

1. Wall-length cupboards

With light natural and pastel shades, you can choose a dark-toned solid cupboard for your room. The dark cupboard will stand out in an otherwise neutrally-toned room and give the space a new dimension. Since this cupboard style extends to the ceiling, the room gets a fuller look. The plain matte finish on the cupboard blends well with the walls. Here, the doors open outwards and hence follow the tradition of storage cupboards.

2. Royal-looking cupboards

This cupboard looks great when done in white. It has a slightly reflective surface that doesn’t require any extravagant décor. There is a sliding door also which acts as an extra perk for this cupboard design. In case you wish to add a royal touch to your room, you can choose this cupboard style.

3. Modern closet

This interior designer’s modern closet is a thing of beauty. It has a mix of drawers, spaces, as well as separators. This closet design acts as an attractive bagger in your bedroom. It also has vertical drawers to keep extra stuff in an organized manner. The only thing that you will have to take care of when you decide to go for this drawer is that you need to keep it mess-free because it is an open closet.

4. Minimal cupboard design

If you like to go minimal when it comes to designing your home, you can choose a clean closet. It is both functional and aesthetic. If you wish to keep things classy and streamlined, you should choose this closet design for your room. This is also a great pick for a small room.

5. White cupboards

This stand-alone cupboard has a pretty vibe and looks unique because of its structure. This cupboard is made purely out of wood and is painted with an all-white theme. Even if the other décor elements in the room are bright, this white cupboard will always attract all the eyes. You can go for printed curtains, rugs, and cushions to enhance the look of the room where a white cupboard is placed. The handles of the cupboard can be done in gold to give it a vintage look.

To Sum It Up

Designing your cupboard can be an interesting but challenging task. You cannot compromise on its looks, functionality, design, and concept. Since this piece of furniture takes up most of the space in your room, it sometimes becomes the focal point. According to the interior designer’s modern outlook on the cupboard designs, your closet should be spacious enough to keep all your stuff and should also match the décor theme of the room. Articles Work

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