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Know This Before Looking for Terra Nullius Essay Writing Assignment Help

Australia has been home to the Aboriginal community for the past 40,000 years with its enriched cultural diversity. Believed to be the world’s oldest known civilization living outside of Africa, Australia’s Aboriginals have forged a vibrant culture. Filled with distinct art, stories, languages, and music. But when we look back at the history of Australia’s Aboriginals, a critical term crops up Terra Nullius. Terra Nullius is nothing but one of the leading causes of destruction of the Australian Aboriginal community.

Australia’s history would be incomplete without the mention of Terra Nullius. So, students are often asked to write assignments on Terra Nullius and its repercussions on the living conditions of the Australian Aboriginal community. The easiest way to complete a Terra Nullius assignment is to seek professional assistance from Terra Nullius Essay Writing Assignment Help experts. The other way is to read this blog, as it has everything you’ve been searching for writing in your Terra Nullius assignment!

What is Terra Nullius?

Terra Nullius is a Latin term which means “the land owned by no one,” which can be understood as the complete absence of people, especially the civilized people, from the invaded land. The ideology was given by Pope Urban II in 1095, just before the Crusades Wars. This religious doctrine enabled the Europeans to discover and claim any land owned by non-Christians in any part of the world.  Writing an essay on this might be challenging for students who are still studying. But no worries; you can always look for Essay Writing Help from top academicians.

How did Terra Nullius destroy the Australian Aboriginal community?

In 1770, Europeans arrived on the South-Eastern coast of Australia and claimed unfair possession of that land under the so-called doctrine of the Terra Nullius. At that time, Terra Nullius was a part of International Law, according to which Britain could colonize any land if it were uninhabited. Moreover, it was assumed that before the arrival of Europeans, Australia was a practically unoccupied territory. But this was untrue as the continent was inhabited by indigenous populations. The legal codes were still operative in some areas.

The invasion of Europeans dramatically reduced the Aborigines’ population as the government allowed their mass murder. Europeans were also held responsible for bringing communicable disorders to Australia. Australia, being an island continent, was earlier safe from disorders.

But this was not the end. Australia has witnessed a terrible history of discrimination and mistreatment of the Indigenous population. Because of this discrimination, Australian Aboriginals have been forced to live in remote areas that have deteriorated their health. And living conditions. From 1905 till 1967, the Australian government ill-treated the Torres Strait Islander Aboriginal community by separating the children from their families. The reason behind this barbaric act was simple, to eradicate aboriginality.

When and how did Terra Nullius end?

For several years, Australian Aboriginals were denied their rights. But with the advent of the 20th century, civil and legal rights were acknowledged for Aborigines. In 1967, aboriginals were allowed to cast their vote for the first time in history. But the Mabo vs. Queensland case enabled the Australian government to acknowledge the existence of Aboriginals in Australia before the entry of Europeans. On May 20, 1982, Eddie Koiki Mabo and four others filed a case in the High Court to claim the ownership of their lands on the Mer Torres Strait Island. The case was heard for ten long years, and finally, on June 3, 1992, the Australian government overturned the doctrine of “Terra Nullius,” marking a remarkable victory for the Aboriginal community.

The discrimination faced by the Australian Aboriginal community for hundreds of years has deprived them of basic facilities. Such as getting access to quality education, healthcare facilities, and better living conditions. Even after reading this blog, you are unsure about your research and writing skills; you can surely count on Terra Nullius Essay Writing Assignment Help. Online Assignment Help is a leading name in assignment help servicing and can provide you with top-class assistance on how to write an assignment.

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