Is it worth learning AWS in 2022?

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Since its inception, cloud computing has accelerated so much. Especially in these COVID times, every business looks for prospects that own the ability to innovate with agility and must align with the growing demand. Also, This is where cloud computing acts as a savior.

Because of a huge surge in the demand for cloud computing experts, there has been a huge surge in the AWS certifications.

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However, Before getting on to the topic why learning AWS in 2022 is worthwhile, let’s catch a glimpse of what an AWS Certification is and what all the certifications are available for learners.

Define AWS Certification?

On the contrary, Amazon Web Services, abbreviated as AWS, is a secure cloud service platform mainly used to store databases, compute power, deliver content, and other business growth-related activities. An AWS certification allows IT professionals to showcase and validate their technical skills and knowledge. There are various certification exams for cloud engineers, architects, and administrators.

What are the types of AWS certification available for learners?

You can find 4 paths to AWS certification so which are namely: foundation, architect, operation, and developer. Here are the certifications available in each path:


  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification


  • Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Professional AWS Certified Solutions Architect

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  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator


  • AWS Certified Developer
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional

Specialty certifications

Apart from the above, there are some specialty certifications also.

  • Expertise in Data Analytics
  • Amazon web services Certified Database Expertise
  • Advanced Networking Specialty Certification
  • Machine Learning Specialty Certification
  • Security Specialty Certification

All the above certifications will lead you towards a successful career as a cloud computing expert in your specialized field.

Why is learning AWS worthwhile in 2022?

Here are a few reasons that will clear your doubts about the worthiness of AWS in 2022.

IT professionals can’t resist cloud computing expertise

That’s completely true. For IT experts, cloud computing is a must-have thing. Also, The growing surge in the adoption of some revolutionary technologies such as AI and machine learning has created a compulsion among cloud computing experts to move towards the cloud. These cutting-edge technologies are forming a competitive edge, and without the help of the cloud, meeting up with the growing competition is irresistible.

Still Skill demand is greater than its supply

According to one report, 60% of cloud computing jobs require professionals with AWS skills and knowledge. Also, the supply of skilled professionals is less compared to the demand made by employers all across the world. All such data indicates that skills in AWS will create more job opportunities in the future. Thus, learning AWS will help you advance your career and create a road map to get your dream career.

Amazon Web Services is the leader in cloud adoption:

AWS is the leader when it comes to looking for cloud computing solutions. Because, it controls over a third of the IaaS market. This is a significant figure for those interested in learning AWS. It offers a safe career choice for IT professionals in 2022, and those who want to see a surge in their salary can definitely try getting the AWS certification.

I hope the above reasons justify that learning AWS will be completely worth it in 2022

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