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Important information about Umrah for women

There is no doubt that Umrah is a great, holy journey for every Muslim (male and female) to Kaaba (House of Allah). Umrah can be performed at any time of the year, as it is not obligatory. A woman is the main pillar of any family. You can understand the position of women in any family as the backbone of the body. A woman cannot perform Umrah like a man. So here you will find important information about Umrah for women.

There are some important rules for a woman which are better for her.
Of course, performing Umrah takes less time than Hajj. This journey consists of some basic steps that are different for men and women.
All stages of Umrah _______ Ihram, Tawaf, Sa’i and shave the head (cut the hair completely and only cut the hair up to one fingernail).
It is forbidden for a woman to perform Umrah alone, while a man can perform Umrah without any man or woman at any time.
5-star umrah packages for every woman is recommended to choose from other star umrah packages which can be availed by any travel agency.

A Hadith about the importance of Mahram for any woman:

Hadith no. 1: A woman can’t travel for 3 days unless she has a mahram with her.
(Sahi Muslim-3322)

Hadith no. 2: It is prohibited for a woman who believes in Allah and the Last Day (Day of Judgment) to travel a distance of 3 nights unless with a mahram. (Sahih Muslim-3324)

Perhaps everyone’s knowledge has increased here about the importance of Mahram for a woman during the Umrah journey. If someone transgresses the Islamic laws, she will be guilty.

There is a list of Mahram for any Muslim woman:

1. Brothers and sisters
2. Great-grandchildren, grandchildren, and Children
3. Great-grandparents, grandparents, father, and mother
4. Parent-in-laws
5. Sons-in-law & daughters-in-law
6. Stepchildren
7. Rada_ Also known as “milk-suckling mahram”
8. Great-grand-nieces, great-grandnephews, Grand nieces, Grand nephews, nieces, and nephews
9. Great-aunts, great-uncles, aunts, and uncles
Umrah is a sacred pilgrimage, so there are rules regarding men accompanying women during the pilgrimage because there is a huge crowd of non-Mahrams during the pilgrimage.

Therefore, Saudi Arabia has relaxed some rules for women aged 45 or more. Such women can perform Umrah without Maharam but will have to submit NOC from their Maharam and travel with an organized group. But today, the ban on submitting NOC from your Male relative in 2022 has been lifted. Women below 45 years of age can also perform Umrah, but at the time of booking Umrah packages, it will be necessary to obtain a visit visa instead of an Umrah visa.

Ihram for Woman:

The Ihram is like a uniform for every pilgrim, which is essential for those who perform Umrah and Hajj. The basic need for any clothing is to cover the body’s organs. Ihram for men contains two non-sewing sheets, one covers the upper body of the man and the other covers the bottom. The colour of each man’s Ihram should be white.

But in the case of a woman, this is quite different. A woman wears a completely sewn Ihram. It allows Islam to wear ordinary clothing, but they do not wear silk clothing.

A woman cannot wear jewellery during Umrah, and neither can cover her face and her hands. An Ihram, a fine garment that shows the body, is forbidden. While it is permissible to wear a garment that covers the body’s emerging organs, covering the body.

After putting on Ihram, it is not permissible for women to recite Talbiyah aloud, as men recite. A woman should not participate in Umrah during the days of menstruation. It is important to keep oneself clean during Umrah activities.

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A woman should walk around the Kaaba outside the middle circle during Tawaf due to the rush of men. After completing Tawaf, a woman doesn’t need to recite two Nafils behind Maqam Ibrahim. She can offer her two Nafl in any corner of Masjid al-Haram.

She also needs to keep men away from herself during Sa’i (running between the mountains of Safa and Marwah). A woman does not need to cut her hair completely to get out of the state of Ihram. Because it is only necessary for a man. It is enough for her to cut the hair as much as a nail, up to an inch. In this way, every woman can complete her holy journey of Umrah according to Islamic laws.

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