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If you want to go in defence then prepare for NDA like this with 12th

Today, where most of the Indian youth are making a career in engineering and technology, the attractiveness of military service has not diminished. Like other jobs, lakhs of students apply every year to join the army. Actually, the NDA (National Defence Academy) exam is conducted every year for the youth looking for a future in the army. In this, there is a combined examination of Army, Navy, Airforce and Naval Academy. This exam is conducted by UPSC at 41 centres in the country. If you also want to take the NDA exam this year, then prepare for it according to our instructions, you will definitely succeed.  Defence & Doon IAS Academy 


To go to NDA, you must have passed 12th. You can apply only if you have studied Physics, Chemistry and Maths in 12th. Students studying in 12th class this year can also apply for this exam. Age limit for this exam should be between 16.5 years to 19.5 years. Apart from this, one condition of going to NDA is that you must be unmarried.

How to prepare for NDA- 

1. Solving previous year papers- 

Let us tell you that the pattern of the NDA exam has not changed since the last many years and questions are asked every year from the same syllabus. Apart from this, the pattern of questions coming in the exam also remains the same as every year, so it is important that you solve the previous years’ papers. By solving these papers, you will get an idea of ​​the exam pattern and the difficulty of the questions.

2. Give more importance to the subject of Mathematics-

Every year in the NDA exam, the Mathematics subject comes a little tough, so give more time to the preparation of Mathematics. The more you solve maths questions, the more your speed will increase. It would be good to use these shortcuts and tricks to solve these questions, this will save your time and you will be able to give more time to the rest of the subjects.

3. Time Management is Important-

 Time Management is very important to get success in any competitive exam. Especially in the NDA exam, analytical questions are asked which take more time, so it is most important to learn time management to solve them. If you have got confused in any question and it is taking more time then leave that question and move on. Graphic designing course after 10th: Know fees, college details and career scope

4. Take special care of space management-

 Actually there is very little space for rough work to solve the questions in the NDA exam, so take care of the space and do not waste all the space in a single question. Learn the art of doing mental calculations as much as possible because it has two advantages, one is that the space will not run out quickly and secondly, the mental calculation is done quickly, which will save your time too.

5. Read daily newspaper for current affairs-

 The best way to prepare for current affairs is to read the newspaper daily. For current affairs, you should focus mostly on national and international news. On the other hand, if you read the English newspaper, then you also get a hold on your English, due to which you do not face much problem in English in the examination.

6. Mental and physical strength is also important –

 If you want to join the army, then start working on your physics from today because in NDA your physical strength is seen along with mental. At the same time, it is also necessary for you to be mentally strong to join the army-Articleswork.

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