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How To Maintain A Braided Wig

Braided wig

The durability you enjoy when you use a braided wig is only one of the numerous advantages. However, how well you care for the wigs will frequently affect how long they last. Although some braided wigs are of poor quality, your maintenance procedures are crucial for the most part.

The most fantastic advice you can use to take care of your braided wigs and make sure they last a long time is provided below to assist you;

Use Warm Water

Cleaning your braided wig regularly, usually based on how frequently you use it, is part of maintaining it. To wash your braids, you must use warm water, not hot. Hot water might ruin the wig since it will shrink and lose shape. Your braids will fall out since they will change the fibers in them.

Use A Good Shampoo

Before you decide to wash your braided wig, look into the top shampoos for the job. On the market, there are a variety of shampoos. But many have harmful ingredients that are poisonous for wigs of any kind. Make sure to soak your wig in warm water and shampoo bath. Avoid washing your wig.

To make your braids sleek and straight, dip only the ends.

Apply Hair Mousse

You should always include mousse in your routine for caring for braided wigs. Your wig will remain straight and sleek, thanks to the mousse. Your braided wig must be added to the mousse while it is still damp. In this manner, it might serve as a conditioner.

Apply Essential Oils

If you add essential oil, your braided wig will shine more and seem more luscious and new. Any essential oil will work to restore the new appearance of your wig. In addition, hair spray is a viable alternative to essential oils.

Apply A Hair Refresher (Anti-odor)

Your wig’s anti-odor treatment will stop any unpleasant odor caused by the wetness. There are numerous hair refresher brands available. Visit your local hair supply store and get advice.

Avoid Heating Equipments

Since it’s preferable to air dry, it’s always a good idea to wash your braided wig when you’re not using it. Air dryers should not be used on your wig because they can seriously harm it. Essentially, synthetic fibers used in braided wigs are heat-sensitive and can melt.

Avoid Sleeping With Your Wig On

Because braided wigs are so light, it can occasionally be simple to forget you’re wearing them. On the other hand, sleeping with your wigs on promotes tip tangling.

Always Hang Your Braids

It’s just as vital to store your braids as to keep them tidy. Always leave your braids hanging rather than storing them in a nylon bag. Wigs that have been braided frequently become wet, which makes it simple for bacteria to grow. Always hang your braids in a place with enough air.

You can hang it from a hook or set it on a mannequin’s head.

A braided wig is a crucial cosmetic accessory in your wig collection. It’s well worth it because it offers many advantages, including protective styling, time and money savings, and various styles and colors. Use the upkeep advice above when purchasing a braided wig for the first time to increase its longevity. Visit Especially Yours for a wide selection of wigs. Choose from a large selection of wigs at Especially Yours.

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