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How to Improve Your House With Indian Home Décor

The concept of buying Indian home decor items has been a trend lately. The idea of decorating your house in a modern fashion and adding minimalistic Indian themes has been fascinating. We agree that decorative items are a great way to begin.

Items You Must Buy for Your Home Decor

You can buy Indian home decor items online remotely today. We have listed a few items below to help you before deciding on anything.

Coffee Table

A wooden carved table as a centerpiece gives an Indian touch to the setting. One notices it almost immediately after being seated due to centralization. This aspect makes it an essential decorative item.

As there is cultural versatility in India, each state has its unique method of wood carving artistry. Silkrute offers numerous Indian home decor items online that are readily available. You can go through various styles before concluding.

Did you know that light-colored walls always complement dark woodwork? If not, then do try out this combination.

Ornate Vases

The diverse range of vases is a prime decorative item. Some of you may think of it as an expensive decorative item, but it is quite the opposite. It has always been experimentation of colors, materials, and sizes. However, Indian handicraft items go well with vibrant colors, although you can try neutral colors alongside.

Setting a Jaipur blue pottery vase as the focal point of your living room is a great idea. A bright or deep-colored vase makes a great kitchen decor item in a modular kitchen.

Wooden Jharokhas

Give your home a regal touch by adding a wooden Jharokha to your walls. These are made out of wood. You can hang it with a painting, photograph, or mirror. Jharokhas are hand-carved, meaning you can customize them as per your choice. They are one of the unique Indian home décor items online. The intricate carving immediately adds depth and contrast to your plain wall. When you buy one, you support the handicraft community as well.

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Traditional Bandarwal

You can find plain yet elegant bandarwals in most Indian households tied to the entrance. Most Indians believe that these items give good luck and keep away the negative energy. They are uniquely crafted using ancient techniques. Usually available as beaded pearls, in cotton or velvet embroidery, or in metal hangings.

Wood/Ceramic/Glass ornaments

You will always find them scattered around the house like little trinkets to discover or a single standoff piece on a counter. Small ornaments look adorable however you decide to decorate them. They are the most popular Indian home décor item online adorned over a stack of books on the coffee table. Knick-knacks are a great way to set the mood around the room. One can garnish the coffee table with a hand-crafted wooden coaster or set a decorative ceramic bowl on the mantle. To make your ornaments stand out more, decorate the room modestly.

Affordable Tapestry

A bright-colored tapestry is perfect for bringing more life to your bland walls. Affordable and easily adaptable as alternate decoration. Select through a variety of patterns to pick the one for your house. The more humble the room, the more eccentric you can be picking your designs. Go with printed, dyed, or woven tapestry as per your setting. Browse tapestry on the best home décor website in India here.

Organic Baskets

It is impossible to go wrong with baskets. Pieces of artisanship also bring an organic element to your home. Baskets are a handy kitchen decoration item in India. Place a gorgeous fruit basket on the dining table or put down a pretty bamboo basket to stow away laundry. You can also use baskets to store towels, herbs, and flowers. They’re readily available quirky home décor items online.


The above mentioned were a few Indian home décor items online to decorate your house. The current times let one buy décor made in India anywhere worldwide. New trends keep emerging while several old ones stay evergreen. Get creative, and don’t shy away from trying contemporary styles.

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