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How to draw Kylo Ren

How to draw Kylo Ren

Learn to draw super Kylo ren with simple drawing ideas and step by step and a video tutorial. You can now easily create a great Kylo ren. Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. It is the only way to become what you should be. Kylo Ren entered the Star Wars Canon in the Film Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2015. He was born by Han Solo and Leia Organa and received the name, Ben Solo. He was once a Jedi apprentice of his uncle Luke Skywalker, but he turned to the dark side and killed his comrades. It was then founded by the top chief of the first order Snoke.


Kylo Ren is motivated to end the destruction of the Jedi that his grandfather Dark Vader began. In his search, he murdered his father and spoke. He tries to kill Luke but finds that he only combats a projection of violence. Many questions remain about its mysterious past and the future of Kylo. Why does he feel such a strong strength with the young Rey? Are you brothers and sisters?


Does the dark side of the strength consume it forever, or will his light trends come out? Future additions to the Star Wars saga will certainly reveal the answers. The strength is strong with it. Make this simple Star Wars characteristics manual and step-by-step part of your Jedi training.


Drawing Kylo Ren

Step 1:

First, draw a long curved line. It should look a bit like the facial profile of a dog. It describes a side of the Kylo Ren.

Step 2:

Draw another long and curved line and create a reflection of the first. It completely includes the rounded triangular shape of the coat.

Step 3:

Use some curved and straight lines to describe the bottom of the Kylo Ren. Note how the lowest part is cut.

Step 4:

Use a long curved line to describe a form as a curved rectangle in the middle of the mask. This part covers Kylos eyes. Then stretch two curved lines underneath. Draw a straight line and two small rectangles in the mask below.

Step 5:

Drake the respiratory masks or the lower part of the mask. Draw many parallel lines directly under the eyepiece. Then draw lines in the form of staples, incomplete rectangles, and the pages of the respiratory protection device. Place a few markings.

Step 6:

Draw several triangles, lines, and curved shapes of different sizes on each side of the respiratory protection device under the eyepiece. Forms of form.

Step 7:

Draw many curved parallel lines above the eyepiece.

Step 8:

Draw curved lines per flank of the mask. Then draw a long curved line around one side of the figure. It must be in shape similar to the first line but not completely in parallel. It forms the outer of the coat.

Step 9:

How to draw Kylo Ren

Draw a long curved line around the figure and reflect the previous step. It describes the coat that completely enchants him.

Step 10:

How to draw Kylo Ren

Color Kylo ren. Usually, he dresses in black.

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