How To Create Your Perfect Look: 6 Ways

How do create your perfect look? Do you only have a tiny quantity of storage space? and want to make the most of it? Perhaps you want to save money by maximising the use of each piece of apparel. It’s possible that you desire to revamp your personal style but are hesitant to spend a lot of money right away. Whatever the case may be, there is a basic wardrobe strategy known as capsule dressing that can help you make the most of what you have. For basic instructions and recommendations on how to use this strategy, see the sections below.

How To Create Your Perfect Look: 6 Ways

1. Find the colour that compliments you the most.

Find the colour that compliments you the most. You could choose any of your favourite colours Red, blue or any that makes you look confident and happy, You could always make a slight experiment with your look

2. Choose one or two neutrals.

Now that you’ve chosen some colours, you’ll need to choose some neutrals to balance things out. Wearing too many colours will make you look like a circus performer. To create the perfect look just add some black, white, beige, brown, or grey, depending on the colours you’ve chosen.

3. Purchase shirts.

 Choose 3-5 tops now that you’ve got some colours. One should be a simple button-down, one a short-sleeved shirt, and one a tank top, or other sleeveless shirts. And in my suggestion, you should add Rajasthani printed shirts to your shirt collections as it is packed colours in quality.

4. Purchase a pair of bottoms.

 After you’ve decided on your tops, you’ll need to decide on some bottoms. One pair should be a great pair of fancy pants, pair of jeans, dressed up or down based on the rest of the outfit. This will most likely be a knee-length skirt for women.  You could consider khakis pants or beige pants over stylish shirts for men 

5. Spend on accessories.

Spend on accessories. You’ll need pairs of shoes, One pair should be formal, and informal, and a third pair can be either casual or formal depending on the situation (like a pair of boots). Purchase a scarf that may be worn in both professional and informal settings. Women can use jewellery to emphasise the difference between a formal and a casual dress by having one set that is elegant and another that is playful.

6. Creating outfit

a) Create a formal look. You may put up a variety of ensembles for various situations with these basic things from your wardrobe. For a professional appearance, pair the formal pants with a button-down shirt and blazer. Combine the formal pants, shoes, and accessories with the sweater and sleeveless shirt for a semi-casual look.

b)Make clothing that is informal. Wear the tee with jeans or a sleeveless shirt with a skirt. Introduce the blazer to the tee and jeans pair to make it a touch more formal. This dress is the perfect look for a date or a lunch date with a friend!

c) Experiment! With this style of wardrobe, there are so many possibilities that you’ll have to experiment to see which ones you like most and which are appropriate for particular circumstances. This will take some time and some trial and error, but the results will be worth it.

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