How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign using Mailchimp?

Is your business growing at a snail’s pace with the marketing tool you have? If yes, then make it indispensable to start using tools like Mailchimp. An ultimate marketing software for sharing email newsletters with your target market. A better place to grow your business revenue and sales as well. But we have seen that most businesses are not up-to-date on how to create an email marketing campaign using Mailchimp platform. Are you one of those? This article will help you with all the info related to this marketing software. 

Why only the Mailchimp Tool?

The first advantage would be Lead capture. The software enables businesses to curate opt-in web forms where leads will sign-up to get in touch with you. The form is super important to build because you can capture info like the name, contact number, email address, etc of your leads. 

It provides the power of automation when a bunch of emails you can shoot at once without wasting your time and effort. A user must be aware of all its advanced features such as multivariate testing, email reporting, email templates, automated nurture campaigns, and more. 

The social media scheduling benefit is available now. Your marketing believes they get the right target market from social media. So, MailChimp software helps in scheduling your post on social media and it will do all this automatically. You can focus more on other priority work to grow your organization. 

With the introduction of Postcards in Mailchimp software, you can send it to an enormous audience like if it is about some special offer or brand awareness. But you need to make sure that there are paid Mailchimp Pricing Plans you should use for this. Not every tool of marketing is providing the task management function. Mailchimp is available for this. 

Steps to Create an Email Marketing Campaign using Mailchimp

  • First off, tap on the Create button. You will see it on your Mailchimp screen
  • Now you need to select Email from the list of your campaign
  • Three options are there: Regular campaign, automated, and Plain-text. Choose according to your choice.
  • Your next step is to write down the name of your email campaign
  • Select Begin now.
  • You will land on the campaign creation page, so just fill out all the information it is asking from you. 

Here are the steps to add recipients to your email templates-

  • Simply go to the button “Add recipients”
  • Now select the audience who should receive your template
  • See the option called “Group or New segment”. It will be set to the default option “All subscribers in the audience”. 

Which business should use this marketing platform?

Not all kinds of organizations can prefer the same tool. But we have seen plenty of e-commerce companies who send online products using the Mailchimp tool. They have several tasks like sending emails, social media content scheduling, etc. 

So, the MailChimp platform is a mind-blowing option for such companies. But there are some renowned competitors of Mailchimp such as HubSpot, Active campaign, SharpSpring, etc. Find out their pricing plans that fit your business. 

You can now stop sharing your campaign. How?

You must understand the Stop delivery functionality of this software. After you deliver a regular campaign or plain-text campaign, you can stop that to reach your target market. 

Mailchimp will play the role by tracking the subscriber detail like how many were received after you cancel. Also, it helps in creating a segment too.

Have you ever shared your campaign to multiple lists in Mailchimp? Or are you interested in doing this task? Let us inform you that sharing a single campaign to various lists may create a chance to send campaigns to similar customers again. So just create a single master list to avoid this confusion or any issue. 

Wrap it up: If a business gets all necessary features under a single marketing software then they don’t need to dive into multiple tools. Mailchimp is a rich, intuitive and amazing choice for your business to evolve your company with every day passing. We have unpacked about how to create an email marketing campaign using Mailchimp with other crucial guidance. Start making your template and catch the end number of the audience now. 

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