How to Choose the Best Way to Sell Your Old Vehicle in NSW

Where To Sell Your Car?

Understand & take advantage of the methods available to You-
  • Private ads (online and offline)
  • Auctions
  • Sell to a recycling company
  • Trade in to a dealer.
The first two require more extra time and effort but are the usual financially rewarding. The second two are limited work but yield more inadequate money. There are hundreds of online classified sites for advertising, reaching a vast online market of buyers. Use multiple sites to increase your coverage and don’t rule out old-school advertising such as a flyer on a bulletin board in a grocery store or a university. Variety in marketing can only expose you to more people!

How Much do you sell it for?

It is difficult not to over/undervalue your car. Red books and black books are general and a bit confusing to the average person. Research online and see for yourself what the market price is for your old vehicle. Be sure to compare “apples to apples”. If your car is safetied, be sure to compare it to other safetied vehicles. Compare overall condition, kms, previous accidents, and write off history. Also, call a few car dealers and ask them to “ballpark” trade-in value. If your old car is close to being ready for the scrap pile, call the various recycling yards to sell your junk car to get top cash. May you even wish to donate it to a deserving charity for a tax receipt?

Are you preparing the vehicle?

A clean vehicle sells easier and for more money than a dirty one. When cleaning your vehicle, view it as a buyer would. Washing your car is sometimes done with a complacent view. Buyers react to clean, not to complacency. Clean, clear, and uncluttered! Time for photos-make sure pictures is of the actual vehicle, not a stock picture. Photos should be clear-not too close and not too far. Have all documentation ready for any potential buyers at all times, T.O.D(transfer of ownership), safety papers, history reports, and repair invoices (if you have them).

Everyone wants to negotiate!

You are going to get calls asking how low you will go in the price? Don’t recommend negotiating on the phone. These are “lazy buyers” and maybe people looking to “flip” your vehicle. Serious buyers always come to see the car. The value you set for your car is based on the research you have done. This research has shown you the market cost of your car. People will come and point out every imperfection. Before they do, point it out yourself, and follow it with a positive. Example – “well the tires are only 60%, but if I were to put new ones on I would have to charge more money”. Unless you need the money, don’t be afraid to walk away.

Complete the sale

A Price is agreed on, now what? Never hand over keys or paperwork until you are paid in full. Once all monies are available, and the vehicle is paid, you must provide a bill of sale with the terms and conditions of the deal, safety papers, and a T.O.D. You can find generic bills of sale by searching Google/Bing/Yahoo. Be sure to put a duplicate of all paperwork for yourself.

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