How to Become a GroMo Partner and Sell Credit Cards

If you’re wondering how you can sell credit cards online and earn money, then becoming a GroMo partner is the most convenient way of doing it. GroMo is India’s top fintech platform, allowing people to earn money online simply by selling financial goods. With the help of GroMo, you can earn money in a very unique way. To begin earning, you must first become a GroMo partner and join the expanding network. This way, you may work from anywhere and start making money right away. GroMo provides you with access to over 100 financial products as well as over 30 lakh clients worldwide. However, to become a GroMo partner, you need to first register on their mobile application.

Also, if you are willing to reach out to new customers apart from your social network, then there are numerous factors that you should keep in mind before selling the credit card to your potential customer. Download the app and become a GroMo partner today to start selling credit cards and earn money online. After becoming a GroMo partner, there are several things that you should keep in mind before selling a credit card.

How to Become a GroMo Partner

Becoming a GroMo partner is a simple process. All you need is to download the application and register yourself in order to become a GroMo partner. You will also have to provide your bank account information along with your Aadhaar and PAN card to be able to complete the process. The process to become a GroMo partner is as follows:

Download the Mobile Application

To begin with the process of becoming a GroMo partner, you need to download the GroMo application from the Google play store and search for the GroMo application. Download the application on your smartphone and begin with the process.

Launch the Application

After successfully installing the application, launch the GroMo application on your smartphone and select your preferred language. You can choose from English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada.

Sign Up

After selecting your preferred language, you need to sign up in the mobile application. Moreover, you also verify your mobile number with the help of an OTP to complete the registration process. Just enter your mobile number and you will then receive an OTP on your mobile number. Enter the OTP to complete the verification process.

Complete KYC

After which you will have to provide your KYC documents such as the aadhaar and PAN card in order to complete your KYC registration. Also, submit your bank account details to complete your registration process.

Become Certified Advisor

Once you have completed your registration process, you can have a better understanding of financial products including credit cards with the help of GroMo’s free courses and webinars and become a certified financial advisor.

Get More Customers

After successfully becoming a GroMo partner, use your own personalised website, digital visiting cards, posters and other digital instruments to build or grow your customer network.

Create Leads and Earn

Generate leads by referring multiple credit cards to your customers. You can upload the financial details of your customer into the application to know the credit card that is most suitable for your customer. This way you can assist your customers more efficiently and advise the credit cards that are best suitable for them. This will also increase the chances of conversion which can help you earn more.

Refer to Boost Your Income Levels

Apart from the steps above, you can refer GroMo to your friends and family, and all of your social network and earn up to 5% of your referral’s income.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Selling Credit Card

Once you have become a GroMo partner, there are certain strategies that you can apply and sell credit cards more effectively. By using the right strategy at the right time you can convert a potential client into a credit card customer. The 5 Rules of approaching a potential client are as follows:

  1. Stay Aware of Credit Cards Trending in the Market

Researching the credit cards that are trending in the market can benefit you in multiple ways. You can use the GroMo app to discover the cards that are trending in the market. Recommending the latest credit card with its benefits can pretty much do the work for you. If the credit card has amazing benefits, then there are higher chances that you might earn commission for its successful conversion.

  1. Have Adequate Knowledge

A financial advisor should have adequate knowledge about the credit cards that he is referring to his customers. If a customer asks a question related to the credit card then it is a good sign that he might be interested in that card. Where, a GroMo partner on the other hand, should be able to resolve all the queries related to that credit card. GroMo partners can also take help from the GroMo application and resolve all of his customer queries.

  1. Examine Credit Card History of the Customer

To discover the kind of credit card that the customer might be interested in, it is important to understand the credit history as well as spending patterns of the customer. Analysing these can give you a brief idea on what kind of credit cards that the customer might be interested in.

  1. Understand The Situation

The GroMo partner should be aware of the financial situation of his customers before recommending the credit card. Recommending a high value credit card to a customer with a limited budget would not result in a successful sale. Therefore, recommending credit cards on the basis of the financial situation of customers can boost chances of conversion and as a result can increase your earnings.

  1. Do Not Force Things

As a GroMo partner, you just need to recommend credit cards to your customers and you should not focus on selling them. Giving the client time to think can boost your chances of having a successful sale. As a GroMo partner, you need to understand that a person who is interested in buying a credit card will eventually buy it. You just need to recommend the right one!


By becoming a GroMo Partner, you can start Selling Credit Cards Online Today! Moreover, becoming a GroMo partner gives you abundant opportunities and knowledge about numerous financial products. However, it is important to just understand the financial needs of your customer before recommending a credit card to them. ALong with that, above are some rules that you should keep in mind before referring a credit card to your customer.

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