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How Much Does It Cost To Develop Board Games?

ur minds when we think about board games is how fun they are! People now prefer to play online mobile games. But is the age of board games over? But not yet.

This is how online board game development has evolved with time.

What is a Board Game?

Board games, also known as tabletop games, are games where pieces are moved around on a surface. They often feature elements from the table, card and role-playing games, and miniatures and table elements.

Many board games involve competition between two or three players. Some games allow players to win by capturing all the opposing pieces.

Others require that they calculate final scores. Some games can be played cooperatively, where all players win or lose.

Carrom, Ludo, and Pool are some of the most popular board games. If you are looking for a Solitaire Game Development Company then Artoon Solutions Pvt Ltd is best for you.  

Board Games: Cost Factors 

MVP Design:

This is a critical topic when creating a game. A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product that has just enough features to allow early customers to use it and provide feedback that can be used for future product development.

If you want to create a game, MVP design is essential. These are the two methods.

Version 1 

Research the market before you design the game/platform. Owners need to consider the current trends and geography. Also, which games are most popular in each area? Imagine that you want to create a multi-gaming platform but don’t have the most users.

It is crucial to concentrate on a single type of game, such as a Board game. For a future increase in user base, the owner must focus only on board games, including Puzzle, Hyper-casual, and Card & Casino.

Board Games

Version 2 

An owner can add more features to their game or create new games.

This is where you can add more features to the game and offer many playing options, such as Card & Casino, w Puzzle, Arcade, or Hyper-casual. It will appeal to a large user base.

Let’s now move on to the next step.

1. UI/UX

UI/UX plays a significant role in grabbing attention in any game. This includes Card games, Board games, Puzzles, and Hyper-casual.

The technology is constantly changing, so it’s essential to keep up to date with the latest UI designs to succeed in online gaming. The thrill of board games requires strategy, tactics, and logical thinking.

2. Board Designs

There are two options for designing, and there are two options: 2D and 3D. 2D game design takes less time than 3D game design.

In 2D games, for example, the background is a simple image or paint. 3D games have different experiences that will include other assets. An example of this is the environment: a street, a sea beach, or a garden in board games. Animations include:

  • Walking dogs on roads.
  • Moving bikes.
  • Sea waves.
  • Birds are flying along the coast.
  • Rain in the trees.
  • Even dancing.

The same thing will happen with a 2D background. It’s just an image. As most gamers love these feature-rich games, the game designer should design 2D/3D games.

However, this can make it more expensive. 3D designs are more expensive, but they can be customized with your preferences.

Amazing Tournaments

Game admins should be looking forward to hosting special tournaments for gamers. They apply their strategies to win matches and make a good amount of money.

Tournaments have different entry fees, and winning prizes can vary. The organizer may adjust the winning amount depending on the top 3, 5, or 10. The organizer can change the winning amount based on the top 3, top 5, or top 10.

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Gaming tournaments are a growing trend. It is essential to include a tournament-like element in board games.

1. Mini-Games and Special Modes

Mini-Games are another feature that owners can add to any real money game. Users have the option of earning quick coins or chips by playing mini-games. Mini-games include Scratch and Win, Surprise Boxes, Spin Wheel, and Scratch and Win.

The user must pay a small number of coins/chips to open a surprise box. He will then be rewarded with lots of chips/cash and other game assets.

There will be nine boxes in ‘Scratch & Win,’ and the user must find the suit. The user will be rewarded if he sees the exact three times.

A spin wheel is another option. The user can spin the wheel and collect the reward when it stops at a specified reward.

These are the latest modes available in the game app. These modes include ‘No Guideline.’ Every win in this mode will improve your game skills and earn you chips/coins.

Another mode is “Tours.” The player can enter popular locations (e.g., New York, Moscow and Venice, Berlin, Tokyo or Mumbai, Sydney, etc.).

Worldwide play. Owners can organize tours around tournaments and competitions. This mode allows users to choose the game that interests them.

2. Customizable Game Elements

Pool (Cues, Boards, and Balls): 

The most popular pool game is the 8-ball pool. This game uses a full rack with 15 balls (7 solids, seven stripes, and one black), i.e., the 8th ball.

To win, the player must place seven stripes or seven solids in their pockets and then the 8-ball. If the player fails to pocket the eight ball before 7 or 7 solids, the game will be lost.

If pool games offer a customizable option, such as changing the boards or adding stickers to the committees, it will increase the game’s chances of success.

Carrom (Boards and Striker): 

Carrom has 19 pieces (9 in black, nine white, one in red). A player will be more engaged if they modify the striker and boards.

Ludo (Boards and Die): 

There are 16 pieces in Ludo. Each piece is a different color. The gameplay will be more appealing if users can customize their boards and die. This will result in more players.

There are many stickers, emojis, and avatars available.

3D avatars: 

These avatars are a modern way to attract many gamers in a short time. The game is fascinating with 3D avatars. 3D avatar-based games require that everything be 3D, from head to foot, and all characters must have animation effects and expressions that create an atmosphere for gamers.

All 3D elements, including the background, chair, and playing table, must be 3D.

400 Arba3meyeh 

This is one of the most famous examples of a 3D avatar-based game.

What are the best point-and-click PC games?

Stickers and Emojis: 

The owner can add an exclusive feature such as emojis to express your feelings more clearly. The owner can also offer stickers as a game option.

Users love to put their favorite stickers on the boards to show how efficient they are at this game. More people will use stickers for boards and chat emojis.

Adding these features to your games will cost you more. It is up to the owner to choose the right vendor that can offer the best parts at a lower price.

It’s Short!

Artoon Solutions has over 12 years of experience developing web and mobile games. Our 300+ team of 2D/3D designers, Frontend/Backend developers, QA Team (Testers), Server managers, project managers, and server management team are all proven and highly experienced. We can handle any challenge.

Let’s talk, and together we will make your dreams a reality.

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