How can I get more likes on Instagram?

How can I get more likes on Instagram? Instagram has about 1.3 billion users, of which 500 million are daily active users. And you are one of them but you are not getting enough likes on your Instagram post and even you don’t know that How can I get more likes on Instagram?

So here we are after research with the experience gonna explain to you how to get lots of likes on Instagram 

If you will follow this step so surely you will boost your likes and you have a good engagement rate. So let’s start with all points

Content and Reels

Content is a very important thing on social media. If you want to know how can I get more likes on Instagram? So make your content unique with the freshness of entertainment or information. And try to keep experimenting with your new content ideas.

Because it is the most demanding content on Instagram. And make reels on trending songs with the uniqueness of your idea. Post at least 3-4 reels per day. And don’t copy others take some hints from them and make your own content.


Hashtags are an element on Instagram that will help you to target your interested audience. But if you don’t have a good idea about the use of hashtags, then go and research it.

If you are using the best and related hashtags so it is best for your post. Don’t smash with hashtags in a single post. And don’t keep repeating the same hashtag find new hashtags and do well research on them. So it will increase user time on your post. You can use hashtags generator tools to find new hashtags. Make sure you are not using any banned or negative hashtags in your post.

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Tags, Mentions, caption

Tags and mentions can give you lot’s of likes on Instagram. Ask your friends to mention you in their posts, stories, and comment. It will help you to boost your engagement on Instagram. 

Tag each other in the post. It will keep engaging you with your audience. Try to keep your caption length good and give some information in it. Take some ideas from others’ posts on how they are engaging with their audience.

Story and Go live

Instagram stories can give a good engagement to your account, So use stories and try to keep detailing your future posts, events, plans, and content in it.

Go live with your audience and communicate with them directly. And ask for some improvement in your content, keep asking as well in your stories. And use new and latest filters and stickers in your story.

Create polls and mention others in your story, and invite your friends with you in live chat.

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Timetable and consistency 

Create a timetable with the help of your account insights. And the right time will get more engagement on Instagram. Because when more users will be active your post will be more engaged with your audience. And keep regular with your content and deliver it at the right time to your audience. Keep scheduling your post in advance. So you never 


So, here we have discussed, that how can I get more likes on Instagram? And keep in your mind your content should have a good quality of picture, and always stay up to date with Instagram updates and policies it will help you to grow with perfect strategy.

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