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How a Digital HRMS Task Tracking System Can Assist You in Managing Employee Productivity While Working From Home

Employee productivity is a crucial element because it is linked to performance reports and payroll. The need of analysing employee productivity has never been higher than it is now. In a world where so many organizations have people working remotely. Furthermore, paper-based task tracking system have become digitalized now. Thanks to the technological and automation advancements done in the post-pandemic work environment. Moreover, the concept of using spreadsheets, is of limited use in a remote work setting. This is because both of these approaches enhance the possibility of human mistakes. Hence, an automated tool or software is always required to minimize these mistakes that may arise due to manual tasks.

The following are the challenges that businesses face nowadays. When it comes to employee task monitoring.

Inefficient resource allocation

Different times across projects

Maintaining track of where resources spend their time.

Worklogs are kept and recorded in a systematic manner.

Work progress documentation for billing purposes with the client.

Inadequate metrics for evaluating staff performance

What Makes a HRMS Task Tracking System a Good Choice for organizations?

To address these issues, every business needs an automated task tracking system. It can manage the entire process of allocating jobs. Tracking the time given for each task. At the same time, establishing deadlines, measuring progress, and keeping track of work logs is very important.

A modern modular integrated cloud-based HR software with individual modules for each HR function. HRMS is a modern modular platform. It lets you pick and choose modules based on your business needs. You can only pick the areas of utmost importance for your company. It allows you to develop your own custom HR software that meets your organizational needs. The Timesheets module of HRMS is a task tracking system. This software helps organizations track employee productivity. It includes various functions, a few of them are listed below:

Resource usage

Schedule monitoring

Data for invoicing

Budget monitoring via resource allocation

Ability to analyze employee performance versus projected timelines

The HRMS Task Tracking System’s Key Benefits

The following are the main advantages of the best HR software solution. Businesses must consider these important points before opting for an HRMS.

  • Using an automated time tracking solution makes it much easier to give assignments to staff.
  • On the task tracking system, clients may get quick and easy updates on job completion by resource and total hours spent. This method is also very crucial for billing purposes
  • Using an automated task tracking system, keeping track of and approving given tasks has never been easier.
  • A system for tracking and communicating staff working hours with clients. It ensures that resource operations are transparent.


Tracking employee productivity and assessing if they are working for a specific number of hours. This is a key hurdle for teams and enterprises in the current circumstances as per the current scenario. Almost every industry has already deployed these systems to ensure proper utilization of resources. This is particularly true for billable resources. The client needs to know if the resources are operating as planned. If the project will be completed on schedule.

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