House Connections Guide for Water Transmission & Distribution

A house connection is referred to as an integral part of the house sewer line that typically lies between the curb and public sewer line. However, in several instances, the house connections may also extend over to the fence line and sometimes to the foundation wall.

At Dutco Tennant LLC, a wide range of high-quality house connection products are supplied to assist the demanding Water Transmission and Distribution projects. If you are interested to learn more about these solutions and want to explore the range then make sure to visit this year’s WETEX 2022 exhibition.

Dutco Tennant will be exhibiting with an exciting line-up of suppliers including the prominent supplier for house connection solutions as well. The three-day event will commence from 27th September and visitors will be able to spot this particular project solution in the Water pavilion held at Hall H7, Stand no. 7-B12.

But before you take a stroll down the exhibition, how about you learn some of the basics about house connections for water transmission and distribution systems. Continue to read this article till the end to find all the details.


House connections are joined from the main sewer to the private sewer line and the maintenance of this section is typically taken up by the municipal body. In order to commence the work on the house connection line, mandatory permissions are required and for that reason itself only licensed plumbers having proper work permits from specified authorities are allowed to work on the project. Only after conducting thorough inspection by the authorised sewer inspection, the house connection line project can be started.

The House Connection Essentials for Water Supply

Water supply to the intended house starts with connection of the service pipe with the municipal operated water mains. The connection sequence comprises of the following essentials –


This is the first component that is installed in the sequence for the house connection line. Ferrule is a right angled sleeve composed of gun metal or brass material.

At Dutco Tennant’s House Connection range you can find the high-quality gun metal ferrule. It will be displayed at the WETEX 2022 exhibit where the supplier representatives shall be present to showcase the solution.

Goose Neck

It is a small sized curve pipe made of flexible material and is generally about 75 cm in length. The use of this component helps in the formation of flexible connection between the service pipe and the water main.

Service Pipe

Next in the sequence is a galvanised service pipe having a size below 50 mm diameter. It is recommended to be laid underground in a trench where there is no laying of drainage or sewage pipe.

Stop Cock

The stop cock is installed prior to the sequence where water enters the water meter in the house. It is to be placed in a proper masonry chamber with a removable cover. It is positioned in the street close to the boundary wall in a convenient chamber.

Water Meter

Last in the sequence is the water meter which helps in measuring and recording  water quantity consumed in a particular house.

Suitable Water Supply System Layout & Pipework

Now, as much as the house connection essentials and their sequence are needed to be maintained for successful water supply, the layout and pipework of the water supply system also needs to be carefully planned and executed.

The water supply system must be designed to attain proper water flow and pressure. The contamination of potable water must also be avoided by successfully establishing an appropriate water supply system.

All water supply systems utilise a combination of pipes, outlets, valves to deliver water to the house. Some of the water supply systems also use storage pumps and tanks.

The System Layout

In the designing process, the plumbing system layout greatly follows the room layout. When it comes to planning a water supply system layout, the following things are required to be taken into consideration –

  • Pipe runs and lengths
  • Point of entry into the house
  • Water heating system
  • Noise prevention
  • Mains connection
  • Backflow prevention
  • Pipe specifications and materials

You can learn more about water supply systems or house connection solutions by visiting the Dutco Tennant LLC exhibit at WETEX 2022.


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