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Hire React Developers: 8 Essential Skills to Look for in 2022

ReactJS is one of the most widely utilized JavaScript libraries for front-end development. When thinking of developing a ReactJS-based application for a large-scale project, you should hire React developers right away. In case you want to know more, click here for more information.

ReactJS is developed and maintained by the Facebook community. To help developers develop robust web apps that are reusable in the future, there are specific HTML components from ReactJS.

This piece of information will guide you with the top 8 skills to master in 2022 for the best reactJS development. These skills will definitely lead to success in web app development using the proper ReactJS framework. Let’s see these skills in detail.

8 Essential Skills to Look for Before Hiring a ReactJS Developer

ReactJS development becomes smoother if there is a skilled ReactJS developer to help you with the app development process. Here are the skills a React Developer should have for accurate application programming:

  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS- Core Fundamentals
  • JSX
  • JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6
  • Package Manager (Node + Npm)
  • A Virtual DOM (Document Object Model)
  • Git and CLI
  • Redux
  • Soft Skills

Let’s begin with each skill consecutively and also go through the reasons why it is necessary to learn that skill.

HTML, JavaScript, and CSS- Core Fundamentals

The foundation of every website and every webpage is made up of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Hence, going back to the beginning of development is necessary to understand ReactJS completely.

The team of React Developers should understand the library functions with ease if you have produced any decent websites. You may create web-based apps using React by extending this framework.

The simplicity of learning React is among the most compelling reasons to use it. React combines essential HTML and JavaScript concepts with some helpful additions. Developers should know how to use the React libraries just like using other frameworks.

An experienced developer who has previously worked with HTML, CSS, and JS will definitely know how the workflow performs. There’s also an extension- JSX using which you might have not to perform coding in HTML.


JSX is one of the extensions of the ReactJS framework to use it easily. It has a crucial role in ReactJS development along with HTML and CSS. Using JSX, the synthetic ReactJS extension, the developer will majorly handle every interaction without searching for deeper functions in the HTML library.

This extension is an abstract layer to put it technically above React.createElement() API. Creating apps using the react APIs is made easy using JSX; because of this reason, JSX is a crucial part of React app development.

JSX is used to simplify the procedure for scalability purposes. With this addition in place, one may construct a whole application using React.createElement(). This will result in a more effective and seamless development process for programmers. Hence, JSX is an important skill to master as a ReactJS developer.

JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6

Without ES6 skills, performing ReactJS development is next to impossible. Here are some ES6 concepts to keep in mind:

Scoping and Variables

Knowing where and when you would collect the data you require is crucial. The mechanism provided by JavaScript’s variables enables us to store data items and retrieve them afterwards in our apps.

ES6 introduced new keywords like ‘let’ and ‘const’ that we can use to store variables. This means you don’t need to use the standard ‘var’ for all your data access in your apps.

Arrays methods

Array Methods are used to store and retrieve data within objects and arrays. Every developer’s toolkit should include the built-in JavaScript array functions. They should know how to maintain and handle the data stored. Here are some methods- ‘.map`, `.filter` and `.reduce`

‘this’ keyword

One of the JavaScript features that is frequently misunderstood is the “this” keyword. Consider “this” as a pointer to an item. For instance, when using the’ this’ keyword, you don’t need to mention the object’s name to access a thing.

‘class’ keyword

JavaScript classes are different from traditional developing language classes. The JS classes have the logic, standard JS workflow along with styles. These are known as components of that class. Any React application is built from these components, and there are only two methods to write an essential component: either by expressing it as a function or as a class.

Package Manager (Node + Npm)

Why would becoming a React developer require you to have knowledge of Node? React is utilized in server-side and client-side scripting. Although React may be included in any HTML website. Many additional components will be available to assist you in customizing the React platform. Therefore NodeJS knowledge is essential.

Speaking about NPM, developers for React need to have a solid understanding of the npm registry. NPM is a cloud storage platform for dependencies or software packages. Developers can download and install apps from the NPM registry, which acts as a cloud repository for dependencies, using NPM. Thus, understanding NPM packages will benefit React developers in completing the React development cycle.

Virtual DOM (Document Object Model)

ReactJS uses the process called reconciliation. In this process, with the help of well-optimized algorithms, React keeps things moving quickly by updating the Virtual DOM. The change is visible because the state also changes from the previous form.

By utilizing the Virtual DOM, the user interface can freely replace only the necessary data whenever a change occurs instead of producing the entire page, which is often costlier and more complex.

Git and CLI

For storing the project on Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab (Code hosting platform), Git Version control is an essential skill that a developer should learn.

Managing and storing several project file versions makes it easier for developers to cooperate and communicate. Learn to use commands like push, add, pull, commit, etc., as they are used to track the file’s version. Learning merging, handling, branching, and conflicts are also advantageous.

Everything in React is CLI (Command-line interface). Installing packages, using NPM, creating a react app, running react application, and a lot of things, you need to make a habit of using CLI.


The state library function is managed by redux, in case you’re wondering who oversees that department. Most developers have been trained to use Redux to manage delayed state updates. Redux was developed as a result, and it aids in managing React’s scalability.

Redux is a state management package that contains much more than just React. It is an opinionated method of handling data rather than a framework. Functional programming and
immutability are concepts that are comparable to Redux. Redux doesn’t adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s crucial to comprehend the foundations of React programming before diving into Redux.

Soft Skills

Soft skills come naturally to a person. Developers cannot learn soft skills like other skills mentioned above. Here are some soft skills a developer can cultivate to become a good member of the organization:

  • Efficient communication
  • Analytical talent
  • Time management
  • New learning capacity
  • Creativity
  • Work before deadline etc.

Over to You

These skills are quintessential to look for when thinking to hire a React developer for web app development. Without these skills, the developer will struggle to land a qualitative job. Hence, learning these skills will be the saviour.

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