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Four Common MacBook Air Problems and Their Solutions

Everyone despises it when their laptops suddenly stop responding with no warning. Additionally, because they are constructed of electronic components, MacBooks are naturally vulnerable to harm. On the other side, having issues with macOS can be a major issue when you are working on something crucial. However, a few frequent MacBook Air issues can send you into an endless loop.

When you are confused about whether you should go for a MacBook Air repair specialist or replace it, at first, you should take a deep breath. You can restore your MacBook Air’s system reliability with patience and the right repair methods, and your MacBook will feel like new.

Here are some MacBook Air issues that you can address without a second thought.

1. MacBook Air not turning on

This is the laptop issue that is most frequently reported worldwide. Go to laptop repair service providers for assistance before you start to panic in this urgent scenario. Press the Caps Lock key to quickly check if the indicator light is on. Check to see if the keyboard feels a little warmer or if you hear any chimes when you switch it on.

If all the responses are still “yes,” your screen must be malfunctioning. You could also try charging your MacBook Air again. Situations could occur if the device runs out of power.

Professionals advise performing a hard reset if these don’t work. Just hold down the Power button for at least ten seconds. Then, press the Power button again to check if it turns on the device.

2. Air doesn’t stay awake as soon as the charger is disconnected

You could occasionally have the issue where your MacBook Air turns off when the charger is disconnected even when the battery is completely charged. Whether you are using a MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro, this is one of the most frequent MacBook Air issues that need a fix and leaves you wondering why your MacBook Air shuts off when you pull the charger when the battery is still good.

A dead battery is the main reason why the MacBook Air keeps shutting off when the charger is unplugged. When utilizing a power adaptor, a laptop with a dead battery will function normally, but as soon as the adaptor is unplugged, the machine will shut off. Your MacBook’s battery will be dead if it displays any of the following symptoms: it may not accept a charge (though this could also be a logic board issue), it may not be recognized by the computer, or it may be recognized as charged yet fail to power your computer when the AC adapter is unplugged. If you still have problems you can opt for a MacBook Air repair technician who will help resolve the issue

3. Applications stop running

Your MacBook Air might hang once in a while. Simply put, when your MacBook Air freezes, an active application has ceased to respond to your commands. Usually, you have to wait for the Mac and program to go out of sleep mode before they let you perform. You might have the option to forcibly end the application, though.

Click the Apple icon in the top-left area of your screen to get the Force Quit option. You can also press and hold the Option, Command, and Escape keys at the same time. Pick the program that is currently not functioning. Consider choosing more applications from the list if you want to relieve more stress on the RAM of your MacBook Air.

4. Overheating

Any laptop or computer will typically overheat if the CPU is overworked or if many programs are running in the background. When applications are draining the resources, it’s quite practical for your MacBook Air to turn hot. If you are aware that the application is using too many resources, handling the situation will be simpler. After clicking Go, select Utilities. You can find the allocation of CPU resources and energy under the Menu tab.

Shut down any apps that are taking up more CPU space than necessary before selecting the Stop option. If this approach doesn’t work, you should make sure the MacBook Air’s fans are functioning. You should use Apple Diagnostics for better results before shutting down the MacBook.

5. Battery drains out too fast

You’re not alone in having this problem; a large number of MacBook customers have complained to us about it. Give your MacBook Air’s software a once-over, then launch the Dock and select System Preferences. Software Update will be accessible under that. Restarting your gadget is a must before anticipating a successful outcome.

You may also look at which app is utilizing the battery more heavily. To find that, click the Battery icon. In this case, resetting the SMC could assist to address the problem. If your MacBook Air is without a T2 chip, then follow the instructions:

  • Select the Apple icon from the menu bar, and go with Shut Down.
  • Hold them for ten seconds or more.
  • Finally, tap the Power button to complete the task.

Here is a procedure for resetting the SMC if your MacBook Air has the T2 Security Chip:

  • Using the Apple icon in the menu bar, select Shut Down to shut down your MacBook Air.
  • After waiting for 15 seconds, re-plug the cord into the outlet.
  • To turn on your MacBook Air, hold down the Power button for an extra five seconds.

Closing Thoughts

One of the most dependable devices you can own is our MacBook. However, occasionally there are troubles with all Macs. To properly address these typical MacBook issues when they arise, it helps to be aware of them.

However, if you still have issues with your MacBook Air that you can’t fix, then schedule a visit with us straight away to an authorized MacBook Air repair center to have the problem resolved.

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