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Factors To Consider While Choosing Glass Pool Fencing

How To Choose Best Glass Pool Fences in Adelaide

How To Choose Best Glass Pool Fences in Adelaide

Having a glass pool fence installed is the best way to make a safer and better pool. Adelaide glass pool fencing not only enhances safety around your pool but also adds elegance. But it is equally important to choose good quality glass panels. This post guides you to choose the product wisely. Apart from good quality products, you also need to consider the Australian Standards and guidelines for pool balustrading.

Everyone wants a highly functional, elegant, and safe pool at home. Especially in a home with kids, a pool fence is essential. A beautiful glass pool barrier will also elevate the surroundings of your pool. With a protective enclosure around the pool, you and your family can run and play around the pool area. It also means a peaceful life as you have better safety for your kids as well as pets. When compared to ceramic fences, the glass option offers elegance and visibility in your pool area.

Important Aspects of Pool Fencing for Safer & Better Pools

If you are planning to install a glass barrier, the quality of glass is of utmost importance. Poor and substandard glass quality may pose risk to your safety. Hence, here are the best things to consider while planning for Adelaide glass pool fencing.

  1. Glass Quality & Safety 

Source the product and services only from reputed and certified glaziers or pool specialists. Choose a good reputed glass pool fence installer. Mostly they will supply strong heat-treated toughened panels. The good-quality glass panels will withstand wear and tear and bangs without cracks and shattering down.

You can ensure safety by following the dimensions and other regulations of the Australian Standard for pool balustrading. The State also provides guidelines for keeping the pool and pool area safe for children. The younger kids should be closely monitored in the pool area.

2. Type of Glass Pool Fences

There are many types of products available in the market. You may also consider the aesthetic appeal of the product. But the strength of the products is of optimum significance. The trendiest style is a frameless glass pool fence. The frameless design offers a sleek and elegant look ideal as well as an air of modernity. It is the most popular choice today since it gives full visibility of the pool area. At the same time, the option is very strong and safe. They can be positioned and adjoined in compliance with the Australian Pool Safety Standards. Discuss your pool surrounding and pool area with your glaziers before selecting the style. Ensure that you hire reputed glass providers to get toughened panels conforming to Australian Standards.

3. Dimensions & Maintenance

When you want a balustrade, dimension is an important factor to consider. The height, width, and thickness of the fence should be as per local regulations stipulated by Australian Standard. Here are the dimensions as per the pool safety guidelines.

  • The minimum height of the fence should be 1200 mm tall all the way around
  • A fence should have an NCZ or Non-Climbable Zone of 900 mm all around. This new pool safety standard is to prevent children from accessing the pool by climbing the barrier.
  • If there is a child safety barrier, the minimum height should be 1800 mm. When there is a boundary fence of a minimum of 1800 mm, the Non-Climbable Zone of 900 mm is measured from the poolside of the fence.
  • The thickness of the gate panels should be 8 mm. Thickness of the main glass panels may range from 6 to 18 mm depending upon the style. The frameless glass fences should have 12 to 18 mm thickness. But the semi-frameless installations should follow the thickness standard of 10 mm. Technically, the panels can be as thin as 6 mm and also comply with Australian Standards. But generally, they are not recommended as they are more prone to breakage due to stormy weather and cannot withstand sudden bangs.

When you contact the glass experts for installation, ensure that they are aware of all the local pool fencing regulations.

4. High-Quality Installation

No matter how tough and durable the glass panels are, installation is also important. Choose only certified and experienced glaziers for accurate installation. Frameless installations require tools of great quality and strength. Choosing high-quality spigots is a great way to ensure a durable structure for glass pool fencing Adelaide.

5. Cost

Apart from the cost of the product, also consider the cost of installation. The price for the installation of the pool fences may vary as per the size and style. The installation of gates and safety barriers also require consideration. The larger the pool area, the higher the cost of installation. Discuss the price of the pool fencing services ensuring that it also covers the complete installation cost.

The average cost of pool fencing generally starts from $ 250 or 275 per meter and ranges up to $ 700 per meter. The price will be varying as different installers may charge different costs of labor as per different regions. Get the proper cost of the fence with the installation as you contact the pool fence experts.

6. Aesthetic Appeal 

Whether you talk about shower screens or pool fences, everyone is in the awe of frameless beauties! When you are building a safety barrier around your pool, you are also adding elegance to your pool area. Frameless and semi-frameless options look highly aesthetic and also give an uninterrupted view of your pool water while you are relaxing in your backyard. You can use elegant designs to elevate the poolside experience. As you choose the fence, also ensure that it elevates the overall look of your pool area.

Today, the fencing services are also providing customized glass products. The ultimate thing is to choose the right glass provider and installer. The glass expert should provide you with a high-end solution without exorbitant pricing. If you are building or remodeling your pool, consider fencing right from the beginning. Among all the different types of barriers, glass pool fencing Adelaide is the most popular due to its visibility and beauty.

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