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Don’t consume food with tea! Its harmful

It’s a common habit to consume food with food which is very dangerous because it leads to increase Obesity. It can disturb your stomach. So, it’s recommended not to consume food with tea.

Tea Consuming Mistakes

Tea time mistakes that cause weight gain.  Every morning and evening people need a cup of tea.  Starting the day seems incomplete without having a cup of nice aromatic tea.

That is why tea lovers also enjoy their tea time a lot. Similarly, people like to have breakfast in the morning with tea, in which they consume different types of foods according to their choice.

Don’t consume food with tea! Its harmful

Consumption of bread-butter, parathas with tea is quite common. Do you know! according to experts, many types of foods should be avoided with tea as they can cause serious diseases.

Similarly, If you are consuming some things with tea (Foods not to combine with Tea),  obesity can also increase a lot. Read here about some such foods that should not be consumed with tea. (Foods not to consume with Tea In Hindi.)

Biscuit should not be eaten with tea

The habit of eating tea-biscuit is seen in almost every Indian person. If people do not want to drink tea on an empty stomach, then after eating one or two biscuits, they drink tea.

Similarly, in the evening when there is a slight appetite, they like to eat biscuits with tea for instant energy. But this habit of yours can help you get rid of your belly. In fact, consumption of biscuits and tea can increase obesity around the waist, which can lead to increased belly fat.

Fried snacks and snacks

Many people like to take sips of tea after eating crispy namkeen (Salty) . But, due to this, the risk of many problems related to the skin increases, while the amount of body fat also increases.

Due to being fried, the amount of oil in the namkeen (salty things)  is very high. Similarly, due to the high amount of sodium (salt) and preservatives, it can work to increase belly fat. (Eating fried snacks with tea)

samosas and dumplings

Most people’s evening snack ends with tea with hot pakoras and samosas. But, if you have this kind of breakfast in the morning, then it can cause problems like stomach pain and burning.

At the same time, consuming fried things can also increase the chances of increasing belly fat, increasing cholesterol levels and causing spikes in blood sugar levels.


In the last few decades, the trend of consuming instant noodles at any time of the day has increased. Similarly, some people consume noodles with tea in the morning or evening. But to do so is to invite obesity.

Noodles are made from Maida (white flour)  and being refined, consuming things made from refined flour can increase the fat around the stomach, which can lead to belly fat. (causes of belly fat) Noodles are very tasty to eat, but it is not a healthy breakfast. Therefore, noodles should never be consumed in breakfast. Due to this, obesity increases rapidly.

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