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Do You Have the Ability to Donate Children’s Toys

Are you having a good clear-out and wondering where to donate gently used toys that your children no longer want? We have the answers you need! Here’s a list of top UK charities that accept toys.

Places to donate toys for children:

  1. Charities
  2. Children’s Hospitals
  3. Toy Recycling Services
  4. Local Online Groups


Most people think of donating toys to charity when it comes to toys. There are many wonderful charities in the UK that will accept your used toys. The Toy Project, for example, collects toys that are not in use all year and distributes them to children in dire need.

Many local councils and groups also organize toy drives around Christmas to collect toys and distribute them to children. The Salvation Army also hosts an annual Christmas Present Appeal.

Donations of toys in good condition and in good condition are accepted by most charity shops. Find out which shops accept donations by asking around.

Children’s Hospitals

Children’s hospitals are a noble cause. However, many hospitals can not accept second-hand toys because of the strict standards for infection control.

Some hospitals will take toys and other items that have not been used. The Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, for example, has a list with information about what toys they accept and what they cannot. You can also check the website of your local hospital for details.

Toy Recycling Services

Toys 4 Life is a service that recycles plastic toys such as Lego. The organization collects unwanted plastic toys to recycle them and distributes them to children around the globe. Toys 4 Life offers toy banks in certain areas of the UK. You can also request an online donation campaign box for free, which you can then fill out and mail back to them.

If you can make one page for donation and also if you have products then you have to call your own product page for donation. And inspire people to donate. It’s a great way to donate anything you have that you don’t nooe to use anymore and it helps those who need this.

Local Online Groups

You can try your luck with local online groups if you are unable to find a charity that will accept your toys. Snap photos, post your items on Facebook’s ‘Buy Nothing’ group, or use give-away websites like Freecycle, Olio, or Gumtree.

Don’t forget about the cleaning and sanitizing toys as if you were giving them away to charity. Who knows, your unwanted toys might find a new home! You never know, your unwanted toys could find a new home.

As your baby gets older, the number of items they own keeps growing. It doesn’t matter how attached you are to the old stuff; you have to make room for the new. The dilemma arises of what to do about your precious memories.

Babies are the cutest! Right? Everything we give our babies is beautiful. It still makes me feel all emotional thinking about Neil’s tiny clothes, his first bed, and the rocker he used for months. Because there are so many wonderful memories and images attached to everything, you don’t want to throw them away. However, you cannot escape the fact that space and time are real.

As your baby gets older, the amount of items they own keeps growing. It doesn’t matter how attached you are to the old stuff; you have to make room for the new. The dilemma arises of what to do about your precious memories.

Neha, my wife, said something that made a real impact on me. Neha remarked that while our relatives and friends can afford the toys and clothes we bought for Neil, it’s not possible to afford the same things for the children who are less fortunate. After having searched for a good orphanage close to our home, she said this. We decided to give our baby’s toys and clothes, which were in great condition, to other children who don’t likely have as many people to give them the same kind of nice things that we take for granted.

Teach your child the value of sharing

After finding Bal Anand, World children’s Welfare Trust India, in Chembur, we decided that Neil would receive his first set of clothes and toys from them. It was incredibly satisfying to know that the toys of our baby boy would not be left behind and would likely bring joy to another baby. There are many worthy orphanages all over India. Seek them out and you will be rewarded with happiness!

Many orphanages accept donations in many ways. They will use your donations, no matter what kind, including money, books and pencils, crayons, or clothes. Fundraising for the orphanage can be done by groups, businesses, and organizations. Sponsorship by companies is possible, as well as personal donations to help fund the welfare of children. It’s not always about money. You can also donate clothes, toys and books, stationery as well as groceries, vegetables, and household items. Sponsoring a meal is also possible. Finally, you can volunteer to help fund orphanages and other NGOs that support children.

As parents, I know we want our children to have everything they need. It would be wonderful if we could do something for our babies who, through no fault of theirs, don’t have the same luxuries as us.

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