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Dandeli Jungle Camp-you may live out your jungle fantasies.


Dandeli is a very famous town known for wildlife and adventures and is situated in Karnataka. Dandeli has a huge wildlife habitat which includes tigers, leopards, deers, panthers, elephants and many more. It was in 2007 when the sanctuary was considered a tiger reserve. A lot of camping places are available in Dandeli which are situated in the jungle. 

A camp set in the jungle is a very thrilling experience, where you can hear the birds singing. The perfect time to visit Dandeli is from October till the month of May. To reach Dandeli you have the option of traveling by train, by roadways or by flight. 

If you are taking a train then you will have to get down at Alnavar. The distance from the station to Dandeli is approx 30-35 km. Belgaum is the closest airport to Dandeli but that is also 90 km away. The roads are also well connected so you can get your private vehicle or travel in buses. 

Campsites of Dandeli

There are a lot of different hotels and campsites that are situated in the jungle. You can camp at any campsite in the jungle and also go for adventures. Here is a list of places where you can camp at – 

Jungle camping at Kogilban – 

The area is surrounded by greenery as it is a jungle camp. You will get to enjoy various activities here like zorbing, jacuzzi, kayaking, zipline and a lot more. It is a jungle camp with various adventures. In the evening after you are done with these activities you can relax near the bonfire. After the bonfire, have dinner and call it a night. Next day morning you can have breakfast and then also go for a short trek. 

Dandeli rangers camp – 

This camp is situated near the Kali river and the wildlife sanctuary. The activities that you can do near the campsite is to visit the wildlife sanctuary. In the Kali river you can go for river rafting, river crossing, zorbing, jacuzzi and other water sports available. In the wildlife sanctuary you can go for a safari where you will get to spot various animals. They have tents and normal rooms available for accommodation. 

River side camping – 

This camp site is situated near the Kali river and this camp is filled with all the adventures. When you reach the campsite, set all your bags and relax for sometime. After that in the evening go for water activities. Once the activities are done you can take a walk at the riverside. At night there will be dinner and a bonfire will be set. You will be staying in tents when at this campsite. 

Kali adventure camp – 

This campsite is considered the perfect spot for river rafting. A lot of other water activities are also done here. The camp also takes you to the reserve for the safari. There are various room types that are available here with different views. Gol ghar is the place where you get the local cuisine and your lunch and dinner will be there when at the camp. Without a doubt you will have a bonfire at night. The next morning after breakfast you will be going for a nature trail. 

Places around Dandeli that you can visit – 

  1. Syntheri Rock
  2. Anshi National Park
  3. Supa Dam
  4. Dandelappa Temple
  5. Kulgi Nature Camp
  6. Molangi Falls
  7. Kavala Caves
  8. Shivaji Fort

Must visit places when in dandeli

The dandeli wildlife sanctuary is what is the main attraction when staying in the jungle. This safari is a must visit as you get to spot a lot of animals. The safari is in two slots, one in the morning from 6 am to 8 am. The evening slot starts at 4 pm and goes till 6 pm. The safari is done in jeeps where a maximum of 8 people can be accommodated. 

Deers, tigers, leopards, bears, panthers, elephants and crocodiles are few of the animals that can be spotted while on the safari. The few accommodations around are Hornbill resort, Panther stay jungle resort, Jungle nest resort and Dandeli Shikra Jungle Resort. 

Other adventures that can be done are –

Rock Climbing, Canyoning, Zipline and Rappelling. 

In all Dandeli is considered a jungle dream as you get to spot various animals and do adventure activities near the jungle. If you are going to do Dandeli camp at any jungle campsite as it will raise the adventure spirits.

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