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Cryptocurrency Is on The Minds of Blockchain Consulting Firms

The process of mining NFTs is difficult; it consumes a lot of energy and produces a lot of heat. The astounding brilliance from the NFTs is beautiful, but it takes a lot of power to produce. The level of clarity with which the detailing can be seen is just mind-blowing proof of the wonders that modern technology is capable of. The fact that blockchain is supported by a network of a thousand computers serves as a sobering example of the need for a sustainable technical workplace. A product of blockchain technology that is on the minds of Blockchain Consulting Firms is cryptocurrency. Everyone immediately thinks of Bitcoin when discussing cryptocurrencies.

Redefining Carbon Footprints for Crypto Mining

  • Carbon footprints are the total amount of carbon emissions produced during the difficult process of minting NFTs.
  • In 2020, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency consumed 131.80 TWh (terawatt-hours) of enormous power, which is more than Argentina used to light its cities.
  • In a single year, 22-22.9 million metric tons of carbon emissions were produced as a result of cryptocurrency mining.
  • As the current year has seen significantly greater temperatures in several parts of the world, the world has begun to feel the effects. increasing the percentage of global warming from now on.
  • The remarks above serve as a testament to the fact that there are workable strategies for developing sufficiently sustainable cryptocurrencies.
  • Tech titans like Elon Musk have also retreated from a steady investment in cryptocurrencies until they implement some sustainable policies and reduce their carbon emissions.

Green NFTs: A Prospective Response To Rising Carbon Footprints

  • The emergence of green NFTs will demonstrate how cryptocurrencies can, via the efforts of the crypto developers, contribute to the creation of a greener future.
  • The green NFTs are produced on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains, which set them apart from other types of NFTs.
  • Because they experience fewer transactions than Ethereum and Bitcoin do, cryptocurrencies with lower value can significantly reduce their carbon footprints.
  • With its Bitgreen green project, bitcoin has a substitute to put an end to environmental concerns.
  • Let’s focus on a few green NFTs that have already begun their green endeavor for NFT mining that is sustainable.


  • Bitgreen, a project started by Bitcoin, is a completely open and permissionless Blockchain type created to support the green NFT movement for NGOs and ESG organizations.
  • The goal of green NFTs is to start a movement that will raise money and awareness for sustainability, not only to say they are green.
  • This NFT intends to raise $10 trillion in just ten years to significantly advance sustainability.


  • The solarcoin is a cryptocurrency designed to encourage the advantages of utilizing sun energy and fostering a solar energy-driven planet.
  • It is based on the idea of solar energy’s effectiveness in the field of sustainability. 99% of the solarcoins produced are given to the sun energy producers as payment for their labor.
  • Along with standard alt-coin mining methods, environmental advocacy groups are actively involved in the distribution of solarcoin.


  • Nano is completely free to trade and transfers instantaneously.
  • The majority of this digital currency’s operations are proof of work.
  • They employ an Open Representative Voting mechanism to save energy and eliminate waste, which is primarily associated with crypto-transactions. completely raising the efficiency figures in the process.


  • The proof-of-stake system that Cardano employs is called “Ouroboros.”
  • Charles Hoskinson, the man behind Ethereum, created it. In fact, Cardano is a decentralized platform with an energy consumption of about 0.5479 kWh.
  • Cardano can make a significant impact with its sustainability credentials thanks to a solid set of proof of stake protocol.
  • Cardano ranks fifth among well-known cryptocurrencies, and it is reported to feature fixes for Ethereum and Bitcoin’s flaws.

In conclusion, would the Green NFT effectively advance sustainability?

  • The question of whether the green nfts will genuinely leave their mark on the current, carbon-crusted planet cannot be fully answered.
  • The only thing that can be done is to make an effort to offer solutions that will at least slightly support preserving the environment while advancing technology.
  • Ethereum is the foundation for blockchains like Polygon, and mining NFT with Polygon is just as awful as mining NFT with Ethereum.
  • Try to use terminology that your Ethereum Game Development team is familiar with.
  • Though the developers of Ethereum promise to reduce their carbon emissions by 90%, there is still a mystery.

Will it actually change anything?

  • Are there sufficient technical resources to make the transition to green NFTs in a few years, or are these just conjectures?
  • The solutions have not yet been fully prepared, ready to be laid out on the table.
  • WWF’s plans to offer an NFT collection with Polygon as the backbone sparked public outcry.
  • Even though the project’s main goal was to raise money for animal conservation, it failed to persuade those who were turned down.
  • Even while the WWF defended it by pointing out that each transaction on Polygon only produces about 0.2065 grams of carbon dioxide, the controversy only intensified.
  • As a result, the use of green NFTs is still a hot topic in contemporary tech discussions.

The only way that can currently be depicted in the illustration is by adding additional brands to the NFT market.

Without a doubt, the widespread adoption by the brands will pave the road for more environmentally friendly NFT mining that can effectively address the climate catastrophe.

No issue provided the pace is modest and steady. We must keep in mind the adage from the time before the NFT, “Slow and steady wins the race.”


Suzanne Dieze is a technical content writer and preferably writing technology-based blogs and articles. I have a few published pieces under Mobile Based Applications, and Data science consists of proven techniques, future costs, and benefits.

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