Manufacturers are making access to their models easier for their users but also for thieves. Technology is evolving, but the comfortable hands-free systems expose the most modern cars to theft with disarming rapidity. Here are several methods to protect your vehicle.

Having a hands-free opening and starting system is very practical when your arms are congested, or you prefer to avoid looking for your keys at the bottom of your bag. An easy solution that also greatly facilitates the task of car thieves. An accomplice remains near the owner’s key, in possession of a signal, repeater sent directly to a receiver, held by the thief right next to the handle of the coveted vehicle. The latter believe in receiving the original key’s signal and unlocks the openings. It is often not more complicated from the start.

More and more brands, such as Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, or the three leading premium German manufacturers, are gradually integrating motion detectors into their hands-free keys. However, after a particular time without moving (2 to 15 minutes), they stop emitting their signal and make it impossible to open the doors remotely.

Mercedes also offers to stop this signal immediately after closing the vehicle by pressing the locking button twice. It is a principle used on certain Renaults for many years with its hands-free card as soon as manual closing is used.

Tesla, for its part, rehabilitates the immobilizer code, replacing the small, somewhat kitsch keyboard with the use of the large central touch screen.

Most thefts now take place through loopholes in hands-free technology because the targeted parked vehicles take the least time to steal, and this method is by far the fastest.

Protect yourself against “remote” theft

Making the ignition key undetectable is a means favored by brands.

Once the hands-free key has been deactivated, press the button with the key to start.

Guard against “mouse jacking.”

There remains the problem of hacking via the diagnostic socket or OBD socket.

Against this practice, OBD socket jammers require a transponder to authorize access during visits to the garage in particular.

The installation is longer, and a single adapter for each assembly puts everything to connect the diagnostic case.

Protect against burglary

A steering wheel blocking stick and “security” films for your windows are the best ways to protect access to your vehicle.

Another solution to avoid having your car stolen is to block the steering wheel. It will delay theft regardless of the model concerned and deter attacking your car, even more than an alarm. Again, the most straightforward solutions are sometimes the most effective, but this can be cumbersome daily.

Some models, more commonly on premium vehicles, benefit from double-door locking.

A solution to find your vehicle

They best manage to transmit underground and are compatible with the search tools of the police.

It’s a practical choice in the event of car-jacking (theft while using the vehicle) or home-jacking (burglary with theft of keys from home). For the first of these two scenarios, “safety” window films can counter specific attacks.

Finally, remember to store your personal effects and not leave them visible in the passenger compartment. It could save you a broken window for items not always of great value. And then, anti-theft nuts on the wheels are never too much. Just don’t make access to the key too easy in the cabin.

To summarize

It is not new; hands-free systems have security flaws. Here’s how to guard against it and methods to avoid theft in general.

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