Can a moving company hold my stuff hostage?

As you drive along the highway, you notice another moving truck heading in the same direction. You make eye contact with the driver of the other moving truck and give a wave. Shortly after, their van pulls off onto an exit ramp for gas leaving their vehicle unattended. You pull into the gas station next to theirs, grab a cup of coffee and wait for them to return. Within minutes they pull back up expecting to see their truck but instead find a note on their dashboard which reads.  “Make sure to close the door – or else!” Moving day is almost here. You’re driving your car from point A to point B. Earlier in the week you finalized a moving company service and negotiated a good price on their part as well.

You’re excited about moving into your beautiful new apartment. But then you arrive at your new house and there’s a sign an unsolicited one.

It turns out that other moving companies are trying to lure customers by using your mover’s company name and prowling for customers who select this mover via Google.

Because the service provider is cheaper or has more positive reviews than the original mover in question.

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Don’t give them money

Don’t let movers take your stuff if they haven’t agreed upon a small amount of money upfront.

If you pay the money first, there’s no guarantee that movers will give you your things later on, especially if they have a full truck.

Movers demand money before they unload your load, it’s a solid indication that something is happening. You shouldn’t give up the cost to them if you have doubts concerning the handling of your items.

There are numerous instances where a business might be removing your items with no intention of returning them. They might drive away from the location with your precious cargo, even after you hand over fees.

Don't give them money

File a complaint

Write a complaint via email and/or follow up with a call to the moving company detailing what happened.

Determine if there was any legal violation involved. If the moving company falls under a larger organization, contact that organization directly.

 As well in addition to filing complaints with agencies such as the Better Business Bureau and consumer protection agencies in your state or city on consumer rights violations.

Stay on top of it! It’s helpful if you can take time off from work to deal with any arising problems related to your move so that your day job remains unaffected by your move.

But this isn’t always possible. In some cases, it might be necessary to hire someone else like an attorney or private investigator to handle matters.

While you focus on more important tasks associated with starting up a business.

File a Report

Make contact with the FMCSA. They are a federal agency, and their ability to handle all matters will allow them to take better care of your case.Set featured image

When filing your report, try to explain your situation as clearly as possible. If there’s a strong enough case against the company.

It could lose its license to operate, which is a pretty big deal for any business. Some movers don’t actually have licenses, which often results in them paying heavy fines for not obtaining one.

You should also file a BBB Complaint and let them know that you feel like you’ve been scammed by the moving company.

While this won’t necessarily fix all of your problems, it could help save others who might be dealing with the same company from experiencing similar issues.

File a Report

Get third-party help

It’s hard to know the right thing if a shocking situations like hostage takeovers occur. But it can help to look out for third-party organizations who will be able to guide you through this.

For example, there are organizations like Move Rescue who work with other dependable and knowledgeable sources to either negotiate with just simply deal with hostage takers who have taken your belongings by force.

If your space has been taken over by another organization and you’re worried about what to do in this situation, there are a few third-party organizations that can help you.

Move Rescue is one such organization. This organization has connections with companies and government officials who will be able to assist.

You in freeing your belongings from the clutches of the organization that has taken over your property. In tough situations, you might need a little outside help to resolve your issue.

In these instances, you may consult an organization like Move Rescue who will be able to guide you through the legal process of reclaiming your hostage belongings.

It is especially helpful if they are backed by reputable sources and companies, as it helps ensure that the professional advice.

You get doesn’t just put you in more financial or legal jeopardy but actually provides assistance in resolving the problem at hand.

Spread the word

Knowledge is power, so let others know about scam moving companies so that they don’t wind up becoming victims themselves.

It’s easy to communicate through both word of mouth and social media. You can quickly reach hundreds, even thousands of people and seek to save them from the stress of falling prey.

What is essentially identity theft with a moving company masquerading as a reputable packer and mover in order to have your funds sent directly to their address rather than yours?

So let others know about moving scams. This can be easily done by posting interesting content on your own Facebook or Linkedin profiles as well as Twitter and Instagram.

Remember to be conscious of anyone who may respond to your post vaguely and make clear that you are looking for information about a moving company.

If you feel comfortable sharing your experience publicly, do so – it helps others know what the current situation looks like in terms of scam artists trying to take advantage of people seeking help with their move.

You might also want to contact a local news station to provide them with an interview about your experiences dealing with moving companies.

As more people become aware of these situations and add their voices, it reduces the risk of being taken advantage of by criminals who target unsuspecting consumers.

Spread the word


One of the most common questions we get at Shleppers is whether or not a moving company can hold your stuff hostage.

 Now, it might be that you’re just looking for an answer to the question. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that the answer is that they cannot hold onto your stuff.

So, you’re free to move on from that mover and find a more honest one. However, if you’re asking because you’ve run into this issue, we do want to let you know that there is still hope.

 If you’re in this situation, we encourage you to call your mover and try to resolve the issue. If you can’t fix the problem with the moving company.

Then you have the option of hiring a local lawyer in your area. They can help you file a lawsuit against the moving company to get your things back.

 We hope that this blog post has helped you find the information you need to get your possessions back if you’ve been

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