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Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh: India’s Highest Bungee Spot

Jumpin Heights Rishikesh is presently India’s Highest Bungy, at a height of 83 meters. The gorgeous hilly terrains are a natural part of Uttarakhand, and can not be untangled out of the Rishikesh experience. The Highest Bungee Spot jumping position is about many nanoseconds walking from the serene land. Please note that the 15-20 nanosecond walk over from the Recovery point, after your Bungy, to the Cafeteria, perhaps emphatic for some, considering this is a hilly area but we prompt you to take this in the spirit of Rishikesh adventure stint packages and come set with sports shoes.

This is a beautiful walk up nevertheless, amidst the nature of Rishikesh, and rest assured that we’ve made arrangements to make Bungee jumping places this as comfortable as possible, by furnishing 1 reciprocal bottle of water for the walk over, along with benches for a short rest, at regular intervals of the route. The bungee jumping prices are affordable and amalgamated with other sports to make it more cost-effective. You can choose any bone from the duos at your convenience.


Age Minimum-12 yrs


Minimum – 40 kg

max – 110 kg


Jumpin Heights is presently India’s Loftiest Bungee jumping in Rishikesh, at a height of 83 meters.  To separate it from entertainment premises, and produce rather an extreme adventure zone.

The Bungy has been designed by David Allardice from New Zealand.


The Bungy jumping experience has been set amidst the stunningly stunning geography of Rishikesh The Cantilever platform is erected over a rocky precipice overlooking the swash HALL, an influent of River Ganga. Bungy-ing amidst the hugeness of nature lends the experience an absolutely stirring quality.


Reach the point on your own, or mileage of our Bungee jumping deals service, from Rishikesh megacity on a fresh payment. Buy your entry ticket and let the experience begin!

Reach the point on your own, or mileage of our Bungee jumping deals service, from Rishikesh megacity on a fresh payment. Buy your entry ticket and let the experience begin!

Have a briefing session in the event area, where the crew will help you in understanding the Bungy and safety procedures.  You’ll need to clear your pockets and store your valuables at the event. Also walk to the jump zone, about 400 measures down, and get exercised. A minimum of 3 safety checks are done before you jump.

Please note that entry to the ground is allowed ONLY to minidresses.

Also, Jump with rubber passions tied to your ankles and feel the adrenaline rush like no way ahead.  Your T-shirt to recognize your feet! Walk up to the cafeteria, cool off with drinks and snacks while watching your Bungy videotape. You can buy your DVD and buy some monuments to remember your Jumpin Heights experience, and you may indeed gift this experience to a close friend, in store, with all charges paid in advance! Don’t forget to collect your Dare to Jump Certificate, and claim your virtual instrument on Facebook latterly, from our runner, as a memorial from us to celebrate your achievement!

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Amidst the lush green and lofty denes of Rishikesh, a megacity in Uttrakhand, offering excursionists an expansive range of audacious sports. This alluring place provokes the excursionists to cover 15 Kms from Lakshman Jhula Rishikesh to Mohan Chatti vill, to reach the Bungee jumping position. After your bungy, the 15-20 nanosecond walk from the recovery point to the cafeteria might be laborious. We contend you to continue your spirit of adventure, and to keep going. We’ve made every arrangement for your rest, you can enjoy your snacks. While watching the photos and vids of your bungee jumping. To make your walk more comfortable, we’re furnishing a reciprocal water bottle and benches to sit and relax.

Jumpin Heights ensures a transnational experience to every adventure sucker through India’s Loftiest Bungee-only in Rishikesh. Enjoy the fascinating view, the nature of the denes, and the godliness of the Ganges as you overcome India’s meanest feat.

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