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Book writing is an amazing artwork and a task that is accomplished by only the dedicated people which are very few. Surprisingly, less than 1% of the individuals fight to get through all the writing hurdles and come up with the most engaging ideas to bring them to the real world through their words.

Besides, people have started businesses offering unequaled book writing services with the help of the finest writers. Writing about every existing genre is quite challenging and takes lots of patience. The global book writing industry needs to get uplifted and this can be done if we encourage the emerging writers to compose their initial masterpieces that must get promoted all across the world.

Want to write a book yourself?

Anyone can write a book of his or her own and it can be a memoir or a complete autobiography. To garner all the words and position them in a way that is easily be understood by the readers is a skill that only the true artist knows.

To figure this thing out if you can write one yourself or not, sit alone before starting writing the very first draft and write a few pieces about any of the topics. Keep on doing this for a week or two and then ask a friend who must be a good writer to read those articles for you. If you get the remarks that you’re good to go, begin writing your first book as soon as possible, or else look for someone who can do it a better way than you.

Writing a book in X no of ways

Every writer has a unique writing style. Some use to write with a first-person tone, others talk from the readers’ perspective. Often people get stuck in a whirlpool and find themselves unable to innovate ideas to carry on writing and finishing the book successfully.

Multiple steps are required to be followed to bring out one of the finest creations and as we proceed, we will come across each one of them.

The Fundamental Concept

The idea is the only gateway to get you through this whole big exercise. If you are holding a firm concept in your hand and know how to get the ball rolling without confronting the block, you’ll be doing it with lots of fun. But, if you lack a definite plan you’ll not be finishing the book till eternity.

First thing’s first, think about the audience you want to write about and jot down some basic questions.

  1. What’s the reason to write about this particular topic?
  2. Who will be the target audience?
  3. What factors will make it engaging?
  4. What should be the Word Count?

Once you find out all the answers to these questions, nothing will ever stop your pen or fingers from typing the precious words into the software.


Conducting thorough research and getting a firm command of the subject you are writing about is a powerful tool that determines the success rate of any composition. Writing without having in-depth and authentic knowledge can cause nothing but loss resultantly clipping your success as an emerging writer. Beating about the bush and not talking about the exact theme will have the potential to pose negative impacts on the writer’s reputation.

We suggest you read books with the same theme written by some other artists to get the fundamentals and the idea about structure, storyline, the characters, plot, etc.


It is primarily a blueprint that shapes the story and gives a definite look at what you have written about. It is up to the writer whether he wants to keep the flow going in the form of free-style writing or structure it with a beginning, middle, and end.

If it’s fiction, the characters must be strong enough to entice the reader instead of making him feel bored and quit reading just in the beginning or middle. Avoid missing out on proper outlining even if you’re an established writer.

Nail The opening

Anyone having even a slight knowledge about writing can easily understand the concept of creating strong hooks and its inevitable importance. The hook is a single or two-liner sentence with the enchanting power to pique the audiences’ attention and make them crave reading more.

Initial Draft

Finish the first draft as soon as possible and put it aside for a month at least. This is a very effective technique that will help you in the next step of editing if you’re going to do it yourself.

Employ Book Writing AI Software

Book writing has also become easy after the development of several AI-based software. Instead of writing using a pen and lots of paper or large notebooks, you just have to install a desktop tool and start typing. We must be open to adapting changes over time to reach the best productivity levels.

Edit and Proofread

When you’ve done your book, you’re prepared for some more in-depth critique. Consider hiring an individual to read over the entire work and give feedback. You could also wish to employ an editor to provide you with expert criticism.

Don’t Quit Once you get Started

Writers often get scared specifically the beginners with things difficult to master while writing. Keep in mind that writing will always offer great challenges but you don’t have to get intimidated rather fight against it and never let them prevent you. There’s a possibility you might face some intense hurdles in finding a potential climax or an end for your story and for that you have to step out in some public place. Many incidents would take place but you don’t have to go through them unnoticed. Shape the narrative you have imagined and try hard to make it sound like it would be a lot of fun to put together.

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