Best Investing Strategies to Follow in Your 20’s | A Detailed Guide

Investing money in the 20s is crucial for all adults wanting to achieve financial freedom from a young age. It is the last decade before traditional responsibilities and roles set in. Investing in the 20s is not as boring as it sounds. In fact, it leads to a much more secure financial future. It is the best time to explore dynamic options pertaining to investments and strategies. Investing is essential because of the nature of inflation.

Do you want to learn more about the investment strategies to follow in your 20s? Read on to learn more about them in detail.

Best investing strategies you must know in your 20s

Growth investing

Growth investing is an active allocation strategy and involves analyzing financial statements regularly. Further, it consists of the creation of a portfolio with 10 or more stocks. Fund managers use the growth investing technique to get maximum returns.

It is based on performance at mature stages of a market cycle. Valuations also play a key role in the growth when the time is right. Thus, it is one of the oldest and most used investing strategies. One should analyze financial statements for a better evaluation of prices.

The main tool for growth investors is fundamental analysis.

Active trading

Active trading is the toughest of all the strategies and technical analysis is used as a research tool to focus on the changes in prices in the stock. One can use a trading strategy for days, minutes, or seconds. Exchange feeds and charting platforms are used to observe recent prices and market trends. Parameters must be set for risk, reward, and win-loss rates. One can do active trading on the Quotex site. Is Quotex legit? Well, yes, it is.

Momentum investing is the slower version of active trading with the idea of buying high and selling higher. Moreover, random or minute trends in momentum investing count to decide about an asset.

The main tool for active trading investors is technical analysis.

Value investing

Mutual Fund and ETF investors employ the fundamental strategy of using value stock mutual funds. Instead of researching, one can invest in index funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and actively managed funds holding value stocks. High risks are expected in value investing, so make sure to research the volatility of options before investing.

Buy and hold

Buy and Hold investing strategies will buy securities and hold them over a brief period. These securities indicate that long-term returns can suppress short-term volatility.

Longer periods require less trading and minimum costs, which increases the net return of the portfolio.

Portfolios bought using buy-and-hold strategies are called lazy portfolios because of their passive nature.

Where to invest in the 20s?


It is a share in the ownership of a company and is extremely volatile in nature. Stocks can give very high returns or deep losses depending on the market conditions. Choose the right stock to make maximum money in the future.


A bond is a loan or fixed-income investment. These entities borrow money for a definite period at a variable or fixed income rate. So, they are good investment options for people in their 20s and are completely free.

Gold Investments

Gold deposit schemes, Gold ETF, Gold bars, and Gold Mutual Funds offer great investment options in the 20s in a short time. It is the most preferred form of investment as the value increases quickly.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are one of the best investment options available in the market. It is great to invest in mutual funds in your 20s as the number of years gives an added advantage for increased returns in the future. A lump sum amount or SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is preferred.

Corporate Fixed Deposits

Corporate Fixed deposits exhibit risks but offer greater returns than an ordinary PF. Ideal for those people who desire high-interest rates and are okay with high risk.


Investment in raw materials or commodities is another form of investment for people in their  20s. The sector is highly volatile and money should be kept in these bonds for a long duration. You can experience heavy gains or losses.

Real Estate

It is a great investment option for people in their 20s, offering financial security and steady income. The income grows exponentially over some time, which helps deal with inflation and get tax benefits.

Fixed Deposits

The safest investment option for people in their 20s who want minimum risk and steady returns. Additionally, banks offer varying interest rates and one can withdraw the amount on maturity or even before that.


IPO is a form of investment in which the company’s shares are sold to the general public and investors. Therefore, it is one of the most speculative investments in India. The stock is likely to go up during the public listing because of the company’s reputation.


To achieve maximum financial security, one must learn to save more money in the 20s than spend on various investment options. One must try to invest in the 20s in an aggressive portfolio and gain maximum benefits out of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment modes.

The most trending investment option is binary options. So, start with legitimate brokers, like Quotex, and be ready to gain good ROI. However, it involves little risk, so starting with a demo account should be your preferred option.

What type of investor are you? What investment schemes would you prefer? Tell us in the comments below.

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