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Artificial Grass Accessories

The following is a list of the various Artificial grass Accessories that can be found in your local building store. These include Jointing tape, Shock Pads, Defibrillators, Galvanized pins, and more. Read on to learn about these Artificial grass Accessories and which ones you need to buy. The list also includes some great deals on various products. Infill is an essential item for any artificial grass installation. It will give your turf the luxury feel of a real lawn underfoot.

Artificial grass Accessories


There are many infill materials available for synthetic grass. Some of the most common are silica sand and rubber. Both are relatively inexpensive and are suitable for low-traffic areas. Both tend to shed heat and odors. Rubber, on the other hand, can trap heat and trap odors, making it the infill of choice for outdoor sports fields. However, it can cause black dust to settle on towels and clothing.

Another type of infill is zeolite, which is a natural product with an irregular molecular structure. This material is great for low-foot-traffic areas because of its ability to maintain a stable base for artificial grass. It also prevents the development of ammonia gases, which are the cause of foul odors caused by pet urine. Zeolite is also highly absorbent, and it catches these gases and holds them until they are released by water. It is also very effective for controlling odors in any product.

When choosing an infill material, it is important to consider the level of wear and tear on your artificial grass. Infill for synthetic grass should be at least half of the total thickness of your turf. Adding more infill material is a good way to improve matted and low areas. You can also search online for great videos demonstrating how to mix different types of infill to suit your needs. This can also be beneficial if you want to add a little more cushion to the surface of your turf.

Jointing tape

If you want to lay a seamless and perfect artificial grass lawn, you should invest in jointing tape. This adhesive tape is made of non-woven fabric and white release paper. It is designed for durability, and the self adhesive paper shield protects you during installation. You should carefully measure the distance between the jointing tape and the artificial grass blades, and keep them two to three millimeters apart. If you do not follow these guidelines, you may end up wasting a lot of money and time.

Before you install your new flooring, you must know how to properly apply joining tape to the artificial grass. First of all, you must know how to apply adhesive to the back side of the seaming tape. Once you have applied the adhesive, you can apply it to the front side of the seaming tape. You should make sure that the adhesive is applied evenly to the entire surface. The adhesive should be applied in a continuous “S” shape, and you should use a flat spreader to smooth the tape out. Make sure that there are no puddles of glue on the seaming tape. Once the glue has been applied, you should let it dry for about 45 minutes before moving on to the next step.

If you need to join multiple sections of artificial grass, jointing tape is essential. This tape covers the entire length of the join, acting as a base for the adhesive. Jointing tape comes with 2 sides, so you can calculate the length of the join and the thickness of the joining tape. The tape is designed to go in between two pieces of artificial grass, with the shiny side facing down. When you apply it to the top, it creates a seamless and durable surface.

Galvanized pins

Increasingly popular synthetic turf has increased the demand for Galvanized pins for artificial grass. These pins play a pivotal role in the installation process, ensuring the safety of synthetic turf, while also preventing external irritants from disrupting the fake grass’s origins. They are a great choice for perimeter security and can be purchased in packages of ten, so you can easily secure your turf with these pins.

When securing the edges of artificial grass, you must use U-pins with rust-resistant properties to ensure a long-term, professional finish. The ideal number is 100 per 10 square metres, and you may need to use extras for jointed areas. It is important to stretch the edges and firmly secure them to prevent them from lifting, and to ensure the artificial grass adheres firmly to the perimeter.

Sharp sand

The best way to prevent uneven artificial grass is to use the correct sub-base for the installation. Sharp sand is more likely to shift under foot, and it encourages ants to dig out the turf. If this happens, you’ll find lumps in the grass. To avoid this problem, use an aggregate like granite dust. Granite dust is a finer grade than sharp sand, which can erode the grass’s foundation.

A vibrating plate can also help compact the ground. You can hire one from an equipment hire center. This is particularly helpful for leveling surfaces where the artificial grass will be laid. If you’re not a professional, you can buy a vibrating plate from a DIY store to compact the sand. It helps to make sure the grass’s roots are buried deep enough to prevent slipping. Once you’ve leveled the ground, you can lay the artificial grass.

The sharp sand is also perfect for installing an artificial lawn. The weed membrane helps keep the grass from spreading. You can also use it in conjunction with a weed barrier to make the surface level. It is important to follow the measurements accurately to ensure the success of your installation. Otherwise, you could find yourself with an uneven artificial grass installation. Sharp sand can be used on both hard and soft surfaces.

Artificial grass Accessories

Shock pads

Shock pads for artificial grass are underlays that are laid under the turf surface during installation. These add extra traits to the synthetic lawn, such as shock-attenuation, and some of them can also be weed-resistant, saving you from spending time removing weeds. Shock pads can be laid directly under the artificial grass or can be placed underneath the grass itself, which will not affect its durability and drainage properties.

Shock pads protect the surface of the grass from abrasion and damage caused by falling objects and the resulting compaction. Without shock pads, the artificial grass may flatten or become uneven, increasing the risk of accidents. They also support the grass fibers and help them stay put. In addition to reducing the risk of injury, shock pads can also make the artificial grass surface safer for your family. So, whether you’re installing a lawn or a decorative turf, shock pads are an important part of the installation process.

Also: These Accessories are also used for installing Artificial Wall plant.

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