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American Stock Market Opening Time in India

Stock Market

The American stock marketplace is where stocks are bought and sold for certain hours throughout the day. The market is the hub for measuring the country’s economic performance. It also functions as an entity that ensures orderly trading and efficient dissemination of price quotes for the companies listed on the exchange. 

Trade happens globally but they can only operate during the trading hours of the stock exchange in that country. The bonds, derivatives, and different percentages of stocks in the stock market are floated by listed companies. The stock exchange market helps these listed companies raise capital to fund their corporation. 

The United States has one of the strongest economies in the world. Its stock markets are one of the most lucrative avenues for people investing  in companies’ shares, derivatives, bonds, futures, commodities, etc. These make overseas investors keep an eye on the US market trading hours.

What is the United States stock exchange? 

The US stock exchange is one of the most well-known exchanges in the world. It has a daily trading volume of over 80 million securities. Therefore, investors are more likely to invest in companies that trade on the exchange. These make many companies want to be listed on the US stock exchange. 

Contrary to others, the exchange market has lesser and more flexible rules for small companies seeking to be listed. It also increases the chances of a company’s shares being traded and increasing in value quickly. Furthermore, it brings liquidity and order to the marketplace for all companies and traders.

How it started 

The American stock exchange began in the 1900s and has experienced several changes throughout history. This is caused by mismanagement, technology, scandals, and other crises. The stock exchange has since expanded to become one of the largest stock exchanges in the United States. Since its inception, it has set many rules and regulations to regulate securities trading. It has to reduce unfair advantages to more powerful brokers and ensure swift trading.

Leading stock market in the United States

The US has several stock exchanges but the leading ones are the  NASDAQ and NYSE. The New York Stock Exchange was established in 1792, and it is the largest in the world according to market capitalization. It is owned by Intercontinental Exchange, listed on the NYSE, and situated on New York wall street. 

NASDAQ is the second-largest US stock market and the second largest in the world. It was established in 1971 and owned by Nasdaq Inc. It is also situated at One Liberty Plaza in New York.

The American stock exchange time zone 

The two leading stock markets in the United States use the Eastern Time Zone to determine their opening hours for trading. ETZ uses two variables in this particular time zone: These include EST and EDT.

  • EST: The Eastern Time Zone is observed in New York, Washington DC, Florida, and other US cities in the autumn and winter months. It is four hours behind the Greenwich Mean Time and 9.5 hours behind IST.
  • EDT: The Eastern Daylight Time is observed in the summer and spring months in US cities. It is four hours behind the Greenwich Mean Time and 10.5 hours behind IST.

US stock market timings in India

Timings NYSE (in IST) NASDAQ (in IST)
Pre-market trading hours 1:30 PM to 7 PM 1:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Normal trading hours 7 PM to 1:30 AM 7 PM to 1:30 AM
After-hours trading 1:30 AM to 5:30 AM 1:30 AM to 5:30 AM

The US stock market holidays 

Holiday 2022
New Year’s Day Friday, January 1
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday, January 17
Washington’s Birthday Monday, February 21
Good Friday Friday, April 15
Memorial Day Monday, May 30
Independence Day Monday, July 4
Labor Day Monday, September 5
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 24*
Christmas Day Monday, December 26 (Christmas holiday observed)

On November 25, 2022, Crossing Session orders will be accepted from  1:00 p.m until 1:30 p.m. Also, NYSE American Equities, NYSE National and others late trading sections will close at 5:00 p.m. The times are in Eastern Standard Time.

Specifications to get listed on NEW York Stock Exchange

  • The company must have more than 4300 shareholders
  • The company must have more than 100 stocks
  • The company must have at least one million shares of publicly traded stock
  • The company’s publicly traded stock prices must cost more than $4 each
  • The company stock must be profitable
  • The company must have a minimum of $200 million in market capitalization globally

Wrapping Up

Knowing the US stock market timings is paramount if you are an investor in the US markets. And technology has made it possible for Indian investors to know this time. These have made investing in the US stock markets easy. 

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