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5 World-Famous Women Artist Who Is Worth Mentioning

Who has not heard the names of Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, or Pablo Picasso? Everyone will nod, but what about the women artists who have helped shape the world’s visual history?

True that in a patriarchal society, women were historically demotivate from pursuing a career in the arts. Yet, despite all odds, many incredible female painters persevered and fought for equality. These renowned female artists are all trailblazers in their own right while breaking barriers in their public and personal life.

Art helps transform barriers. So, in this article, let us celebrate some of the globally acclaimed female artists along with their masterpieces.

Judith Leyster

Judith Leyster, the leading artist during the Dutch Golden Age, specialized in still life, genre paintings, and portraits. Accompanying several male apprentices, she ran a successful workshop on the relaxed, informal nature of her portraits.

Although highly regarded during her lifetime, her reputation suffered after her death. Collectors tried to make a huge profit selling her artworks and covering her signatures. However, this fact was discovered in the late 19th century. She started to gain a renew appreciation for her skill as a celebrated taksim escort artist.

Georgia O’Keeffe

‘Colour is one of the great things in the world that makes life worth living.’ – the statement is said by one of the most celebrated female artists in history, Georgia O’Keeffe, an artist at the forefront of American Modernism.

She experimented with abstraction, with her feelings for “Art for Art’s Sake.” O’Keeffe’s close-up paintings of flowers were metaphors for female genitalia.Georgia O’Keeffe spent much of her career withstanding her art’s interpretation exclusively as a reflection of her gender. She always refused to participate in all-female art exhibitions and wanted to be defined simply as an artist, free from any stereotypical gender identity.

Frida Kahlo

At present, there’s no other 20th-century female artist with a name as recognizable as Frida Kahlo. As a young woman, she had fought a tragic accident, and her turbulent marital relationship has sometimes overshadowed her artistic genius. The power of her masterpiece is unquestionable.

Kahlo is particularly knows for her self-portraits that deal with themes of suffering, identity, and the human body.

Although in her lifetime, she has written about solely as “Diego Rivera’s wife”, but her artwork has only gained momentum since her death. You can find the popular Frida Kahlo paintings in important art museums around the world. She is remembered as a champion of feminists, the LGBT community, and Chicanos.

Veena Advani

Amongst contemporary Indian-origin female artists, Veena Advani creates intricately layered abstract paintings that explore the themes of identity, relationship, and the natural world.

Advani’s signature hand-embroidered canvases are the depiction of her incredible journey with New York’s most acclaimed fashion houses. She loves to experiment with embroidery as a textural component to works that are elemental and transporting. Take a look at Ikat King, Ikat Nude, Bonded, Flower Study, Swept away, and Bedrock by Veena Advani.

Chaitali De Chanda

The art form is not complete without discussing sculpture. The sculptor is more interested in the abstract form of art. Sculptures connected to other contemporary art media. She received her degree in painting from Rabindra Bharati University and the Indian College of Art and Draftsmanship. She has taken part in numerous exhibitions held at the Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata. Kolkata is regards as the cultural capital of India.

‘Nature’, ‘Target’, ‘A moment’, ‘Rhythm’, and ‘HomeBound’ are some of the great creations of Chaitali De Chanda, the featured artist of The Kolkata-based sculptor has awarded the prestigious State Government Charukala Utsav Award.

Contribution of female artists in Modern art

Modern art has no distinct feature or single characteristic. You can buy modern art online on the seven elements of colour, line, shape, value, space, form, and texture.

The artworks of these artists are a dynamic potpourri of subjects, and methods, that resist any specific definitions and question traditional boundaries. Diverse and eclectic, modern art distinguished by the depletion of a uniform organizing principle, ideology, or -ism.

If you are the one more interested in ideas and concerns than aesthetics, buy art online in India from reputable stores like

Some people buy photographs online in India due to their historical value and witness of a specific era and time. It encourages you to gain insight, state, and question certain ideological, socio-cultural, or political developments raising awareness. The creations of modern female artists discussed above encourage debate and provide food for thought.

These path breaking female painters prefer to value as only artists outside of their gender. Unfortunately, as women continue to fight for equality in every arena we look into, such exceptional artists are often compartmental in gender.

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