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5 Warning Signs Your WordPress Website Is Hacked

Signs Your Wordpress Website Is Hacked

Not just WordPress but one fear that constantly lingers over any website over the internet is the website is getting hacked by cyber criminals with the intention to harm the reputation of the business reputation, want to cause havoc by spreading malware to steal sensitive user data.

The reason WordPress websites are targeted the most is because of their popularity. Just google the most popular WordPress website and you would find some of the most surprising names. 

To provide you peace of mind, the security that WordPress has in place to keep the website secure from hackers is capable of digging most cyber attacks. However, it is always safe to get to acknowledge within less time frame after a website gets hacked to lessen the damage.

The best easy to do it is to know these five signs that indicate your WordPress website is hacked. 

How To Know If Your WordPress Website Is Hacked?

  • Website Traffic Shrinks

The most obvious sign of your website being hacked is a substantial loss of website traffic. 

How is possible that people stop visiting your website if it is hacked and you are still unaware of it. Well, your visitors aren’t ware either.

Your traffic has not been reduced it is just redirected by the hacker to their malicious sites. This could also be possible if your is markered malicious site which is why it gets blacklisted on google.

  • Spam Traffic Soars

If you see a sudden spike in traffic, that’s a red flag.

This results when the hackers are spamvertising on your website. As the name suggests, it is spam and advertising. This happens when hackers end our emails to your visitors with the pages of their website from your server. 

This way they can execute their fraud by getting the clicks from your visitors. It s referred to as the infamous click fraud. The best way is to get better guidance about how to know it is from wordpress web development services provider.

It also results in a higher ranking of a hacker’s websites owing to the traffic spike.

  • A Dramatic Change in Backlinks

If you notice a sudden or dramatic change in the number or quality of your backlinks. It hints at one thing clearly that is your website is compromised by cybercriminals. 

Check your backlink profile using a tool like Moz’s Open Site Explorer to see if there are any new, suspicious links. If you find any, reach out to the site owner and ask them to remove the link.

  • Random Redirection of Users to Unknown Websites

If the link to your website redirects to an unknown, spammy website, it’s a strong indication that hackers have found a way to compromise your website. This happens because hackers insert malicious code into your website. The developers of WordPress web development services providers are best at recognizing it. 

This is usually done with the intention of advertising or spreading malware. If you notice this happening on your site, take immediate action to clean up the infection and secure your site.

  • Unusual Activity in Server Logs

Checking your server logs regularly is one way to help you identify when your WordPress site has been hacked. If you see unusual activity, such as requests for odd PHP files or 404 errors for pages that don’t exist, it’s a good indication that something is wrong. 

Also, take a look at the IP addresses that are making these requests. If you see a lot of activity from one IP address that you don’t recognize, it’s possible that your site is under attack.


It is inevitable to keep your website not just to keep our data safe and secure but to prevent these cyber criminals to cause havoc with their unethical ways. Bu elit semtimizde ataşehir vip escort bayanlar sizi bekliyor. Though WordPress has a security aspect in place, it does not mean that your plugins, themes or the core is flawless, such that the hackers cannot find a way into your system.

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