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5 Things To Purchase While Shopping In Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the most beautiful travel locations on the planet. Bhutan, along with its iconic landmarks and gorgeous scenery, provides a plethora of souvenirs to take home with you. Shopping in Bhutan is a fascinating experience, as many goods are unique to the country. You might wish to get your hands on some of these unique Bhutanese souvenirs to commemorate your vacation in Bhutan, from local businesses to huge souvenir emporiums. Here are five things to buy in Bhutan that demonstrate Bhutan’s distinct culture and tradition:

#1. Bhutanese Herbal Product

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Bhutan is note for its natural beauty and a variety of therapeutic herbs found around the country. Needless to say, it is difficult to find Bhutanese medicinal herbs outside of the nation. Various therapeutic herbs, such as cordyceps, are frequently sold in small sachets or boxes, which is quite practical. These herbal products are available in almost every store in the major cities, but the Institute of Traditional Medicine or the CSI market in Thimphu provide a more unique experience.

#2. An Ornament Wooden Bowl

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When it comes to Bhutanese souvenirs made of wood, Dappa (wooden bowls) are another unusual item to consider purchasing in Bhutan. The wooden bowls are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and some are embellish with bronze and silver. These exquisitely made wooden bowls may be seen almost everywhere in Bhutan, as they are found in almost every residence.

#3. Exotic Bamboo Products

Bamboo Products

From artisan villages to the actual handicraft bazaar in the capital’s center, you may find beautiful hand-crafted bamboo products. Bamboo is used to make floor mats, baskets, wall hangings, kitchenware, and other items. The elegance and exquisite designs of the handcrafted bamboo goods are applauded. Visitors looking for a present from Bhutan might go to one of the many handicraft shops found in the country’s major cities.

#4. Bhutanese Local Ingredients

Anyone who has visited Bhutan would tell you that the native ingredients there are simply enticing. Fresh local foods, which are commonly employ in Bhutanese cuisine, are among the many goods available. Among the most common components are dried red chili, chili powder, tea, noodles, and cheese. Let me let you in on a little secret: dried red chile and cheese are the components that make practically every Bhutanese like the fiery Ema Datshi! Ema Datshi (hot chili dish) is possibly the country’s national food. Local Bhutanese ingredients are hard to come by, but they’re well worth seeking out if you’re ever in Bhutan.

#5. The Famous Iron Crafted Sword

Swords and knives from Bhutan are popular souvenirs that make fantastic gifts and keepsakes. A Patang, also known as a Dozum, is a traditional single-edged blade compose in Bhutan. Each Bhutanese sword has its own importance in addition to its particular features and set of functionalities. While shopping in Bhutan, you can browse the many swords and purchase one for yourself. These swords are encase in either leather or a fancy wooden scabbard.

When visiting a spiritually and culturally vibrant country like Bhutan, the alternatives for purchasing souvenirs are virtually limitless. Bhutan souvenirs are among the best travel presents, and with this list in hand, you’ll no doubt wow your friends and family back home. If you wish to visit, You can contact Norbu Bhutan travel for the best tour inside Bhutan.


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