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5 Different Types of Cardboard Display Boxes for Retail

Cardboard Display Boxes

Packaging solutions help brands as well as retailers to do product marketing effectively. For this purpose, cardboard display boxes are used largely in retail stores. This is because retail markets are hitched due to the hype of online stores.

Yet the importance of retail stores cannot be denied as people can conveniently reach there in an urgency. To retain the significance of retail markets, effective display packaging can better assist you. Good packaging has certain properties that pave the way to bring profitable results.

  • It must be manufactured with the right material. If the packaging material is of great quality, it will keep your product safe.
  • The durability of the packaging material matters a lot. The longevity of the packaging affects the quality of the product.
  • Custom packaging is far more beneficial than using standard packaging. This is because it helps you to manufacture the most suitable design for your product.
  • Having an accessible packaging solution is a great perk for users. The users have to spend a reasonable cost in its manufacturing such as cardboard boxes are highly inexpensive.
  • Ecological packaging plays a vital role in any business. If you are using eco-friendly packaging, it will be a plus point for your brand image.

Diverse Designs of Display Boxes

You must have seen a display box on the counter shelf of a store. But display containers are not only of one type. They are manufactured in diverse styles.

Countertop Displays

As the name shows, these boxes are placed on counter shelves of the stores. These boxes display the products right in front of the customer. An attractive display makes the product even more tempting due to which a customer becomes ready to make a purchase. In a way, your product demand will be increased. Therefore, counter boxes assist retailers to influence the customers. A counter box containing yummy chocolate bars will surely increase the craving of kids.

For the manufacturing of these boxes, cardboard boxes are used on a large scale. It is not only cheap but also convenient to use. You can manufacture these boxes in the required size and shape. Some other packaging mediums are also used which are quite expensive such as wood, acrylic, and plastic containers.

Floor Stands

These displays are placed on the floor and are big. They are used for various products including both heavy and light. Therefore, these boxes are made of more brawny materials such as corrugated cardboard material with thick flute sheets. These boxes can hold the products perfectly to protect them from damage. As they are made of durable material, they can be used again and again.

These stands increase the visibility of the products so that the customer does not have to roam around the store. In a way, you will be enhancing your customers’ experience. You can customize these boxes according to your interest and the nature of the product. Such as you may make partitions in these to assemble different items. These boxes are found in different stores such as clothing stores, grocery stores, and superstores.

Pallet Boxes

Pallet displays are peculiar as they carry unique looks and give customers ease during shopping. They are manufactured in three styles to help retailers in arranging different items.

●    Quarter Pallet Displays

These boxes have a structure in which only the front side of the box is open to pick up the product. While other sides give users a chance to add printing details.

●    Half Pallet Displays

If a display offers two-sided shopping, then it is a half pallet display. By using relevant graphics, you can make the packaging alluring.

●    Full Pallet Displays

They allow customers to pick up the product from all sides of the display container. Also, you can have parts on all sides which you can use for adding prints. These boxes are used in both wholesale as well as in retail stores.

End Caps

These displays are placed at the end of the lane and give a fine arrangement for the products. These displays give users a large space to assemble numerous products. By making customized end caps, you can easily enhance the appeal of the products. You can place your products in a more organized way. By using these encasements, you can arrange all products in a particular sequence so that every product can be reached the sight of the right audience.

In this way, your store will reveal more professionalism. However, you must choose the right display. Besides the selection of resilient packaging medium, customizations also play a significant role. You must choose detailing and colors wisely so that the packaging design could present the product in an enticing manner. Therefore, these boxes prove to be a great chance for users to convince the audience.


These displays are also known as power wings. These boxes may contain hang tabs or separate compartments. They are flexible and can be manufactured in different styles. To build a connection, you must use a particular design that will better go with a certain product.

For this purpose, custom printing comes on board and helps retailers to get the best most suitable design. Just like any other display container, these displays are also used to grab the attention of the buyer and convince them. These displays showcase products effectively and increase their perceived value. As a result, you can influence customers’ interest by displaying a product in an appealing way.


The market trends are changing day by day due to which retailers have to bring novelty to sustain their growth. Cardboard display boxes optimize your sales by increasing the visibility of products. You can use different types of displays following your interest or requirements.

Choose the right packaging material that is strong and flexible for printing customizations. You can display different products in these boxes as they are durable and have enough strength. The presentation of these boxes matters a lot as it gives an opportunity to convince the customers.

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