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4 Tips So You Don’t Have Problems With Your Sewer System

Tips For Plumbing System

Something all homes have in common (or should have) is plumbing.

He is responsible for receiving water from the public network and returning the used water so that it can be treated and, finally, returned to the environment, the sewage system. More specifically talking about the sewer system, it is common for clogs and obstructions to occur in these pipes.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on some actions you can take to prevent more serious problems in your sewer system. Clogging is the biggest problem in the winter season as well as in the summer season.  Here I am writing some tips to help you a lot to stop pipe clogging.

Here are most of the reasons which causes the Clogging.

Tip 1 – Beware of Food Leftovers:

Never pour leftover food down the sink or sink unless you have installed a root-rooter waste grinder system in place of your siphon. Over time, these residues can accumulate at certain points in your plumbing, preventing the passage of water and causing clogs.

Tip 2 – Fat and Cooking Oil:

It’s always good to make that fries, or that delicious fish in the frying pan, isn’t it? However, many people dump the fat used in these processes down the drains of the sink or tank.

This is extremely harmful to your plumbing, and the more often you do this, the greater the risk of clogging, as this grease solidifies with the cold, creating true containment barriers for your sewage water.

In addition, just a little of this homemade effluent is enough to contaminate many liters of water, harming the treatment of your sewage network.

There are several correct ways to discard or even recycle this fat, such as reusing it to make soap.

There are also companies specializing in the collection of this waste when accumulated in a large amount.

Remember that dumping this fat in the common trash also contaminates the soil when in the landfill.

Tip 3 – That Little Hair in the Drain can be Expensive:

Clean the drains in your house frequently to remove those strands of hair that get stuck in them, so they don’t get into the plumbing.

Also watch out for lint in the tank drain, as they have the same obstructive effect as hair.

Tip 4 – Have a Small Sink Plumber in Your Home:

Very common to be found in supermarkets, these plungers can help you with small obstructions in your plumbing, preventing them from becoming bigger, and causing damage to the functioning of your sewer system.

Bonus Tip – Don’t Use Caustic Soda:

Never use products like Caustic Soda to unclog your plumbing. As it is one of the ingredients for the manufacture of homemade soap, one can imagine the opposite effect that it can cause when it is poured into pipes clogged with grease. Here are some tips to unclog the  pipe

If your plumbing is in an advanced stage of clogging. Choose to hire a company specialized in the subject. That will solve your problem without giving you headaches.

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