Why Hire An Article Writer For Your SEO Articles?

Businesswoman using laptopThere are now so many different SEO article writing services available that separating the good from the bad is now very tough. The results delivered by article marketing can no longer be argued, which is why demand for fresh content is at an all-time high. That has led to more providers throwing their hats into the SEO article service ring. The purpose of this article is to show why hiring an article writing service is a good idea, as well as giving you a few easy to follow tips so that you select the right company.

There are few marketing techniques as effective as content marketing. The biggest issue is finding the time to churn out the 10-100 articles that it takes to build a solid online presence. If you combine that with the fact that writing may not be one of your best skills, you can quickly see how outsourcing your writing needs is a good idea. You can literally save yourself hours and hours of laborious writing work by putting your article needs in the hands of a prop, with your bottom line sure to benefit from that decision.

The question then becomes how to find the article writing service that best suits your needs. Your online content is what will drive you marketing campaign, so is that something that you want to place in the hands of a rank amateur? Making the wrong choice can have a negative effect on your business.

Your choices are usually broken down into three specific categories:

1. The Low-Cost Overseas Writer – The largest portion of writer in this group are located in India and China, with the average cost of an article falling into the $3 to $5. These online writing services can usually deliver content quickly and in huge amounts, but what they make up for in speed and size, they lose in content. If you are selling to an English speaking audience, you need content that is well-written, informative and easy to understand. That is not something that your regularly get with these types of overseas services.

2. The High-Priced Freelancer – The highest quality articles are likely to come from individual freelancers, but they do come at a price. It’s not uncommon to pay in the region of $25 to $50 for such a service. While the content that you get will be a major help for your marketing campaign, your chances of recouping your investment gets slimmer. These are the go-to guys for a sales letter or PR release, but they are not your best bet for individual articles.

3. The Mid-Level Article Writing Service – Your most solid financial investment will be found in this category, with articles usually coming in at $10 to $20. These companies are usually owned and operated by copywriter who have a strong grasp of what it takes to run a successful content marketing campaign. You can pretty much guarantee that all of the writers in their stable will be US-based or from an English speaking country. Since they tend to carry a large number of writers, they are usually able to handle high volume orders, as well as being able to write great content on any given niche.

The bottom line when choosing an article writing service is making sure that you find one that employs English speaking writers, and which also has rates you can live with. It also helps if they can display a strong knowledge of SEO-based writing.

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