Why Article Writing Will Be Your Key To Success

article-marketing-copywritingHow much time and money have you thrown away on unsuccessful website marketing strategies? I imagine the number is fairly large, especially if you purchased ad space on websites and ezines.

What you may not realize is that you are missing out on a great way to advertise your business.Writing articles is a great way to spread your message without spending a single dime.

All you need to invest in writing a quality article is your time, but the return on that investment can be huge. Most people access the internet to search for information, so it makes sense that quality content will drive traffic to your website.

Think about the benefits of regularly writing artless for the internet.

Your content can be on hundreds of websites in no time at all, with a potential audience in the millions. Search engines like Google love quality content, so get yours on there.

With so many people seeing your work online, new visitors will constantly be arriving at your site, many of whom come with the intention to buy. That traffic will increase exponentially as your words spread over hundreds of different sites. Regular content makes for regular buyers.

Affiliates and partners will want to join your team when they see your quality content.
The words you write will have a permanent place online.

As more people read your words, there is a good chance that your reputation will spread beyond the boundaries of the World Wide Web!!

Your expertise and influence could reach every corner of the globe, showing up in places you might never have expected when you first typed those words:

1. Imagine appearing on the home pages of major publishers.

2. Think about one of your articles being featured in an ezine that has tens of thousands of subscribers.

3. Your written words could end up in print in a book or magazine.

4. Other people may want to use your articles for an e-book or other project, giving you credit.

5. Your popularity could lead to invites to speaking engagements.

6. You might very well end up on podcasts and radio shows.

7. National newspapers may become interested in your story.

All of these results can come in a relatively short space of time.
Choose the best and most popular ezines and article directories to submit your work too, as they are crawled more often by Google. The fact that these sites appear at the top of the rankings means your work gets more exposure and your website more visitors.

It does not take long for your reputation to grow with each new article you submit. It can take as little as 20 submitted articles to make you an internet sensation.

Your articles will remain on those sites forever, which mean that there is no end to the number of new visitors that a single article can generate.

Your search engine ranking and your reputation will both grow with each new article.
One way linking is viewed as more important than reciprocal linking by Google. The more sites that point to your site with no reciprocal link back, the higher you will rank.

The back links you receive when submitting articles are automatic, so you don’t need to waste valuable time with link exchanges. There is also no need to worry about the frequent algorithm changes Google makes, as your quality content will never be affected.

You become an authority when you publish regular articles, at least in the eyes of those who respect what you do. Let’s face, they are the important ones, as it is they that will come to your website to spend their money.

The written word can influence people and change minds.

There is also a high level of personal satisfaction to be gained.

Is there really anything better than sharing your knowledge with a captive audience?

You may not be able to see them, but there are millions of people out there right now reading your words and building a personal rapport with each paragraph.

Expect fan mail and letters of appreciation to start coming in from those you have helped with your words.

It really is that simple; writing articles can open doors that would otherwise remain locked!

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