What Is The Difference Between Article Marketing and Traditional Article Writing

Local-Business-Marketing-Article-MarketingWhat is the difference between ‘article marketing’ and ‘article writing’? The two terms sound very similar. Is there even a difference at all? Are they more or less the same thing? The world is so confusing! I need answers!

Good questions, reader. I can see you have an inquisitive mind. The answer is that they are most definitely not the same thing. There’s an important difference between them, and that difference will be explained in this article.

The Major Difference

Article marketing is big. Article writing is small.

That’s it.

Of course, it’s more complicated than that. It always is. The following paragraphs will explain what exactly those two sentences mean, and why this is one of the most important things you’ll learn about promoting your site through the use of articles.

Article Marketing is an Overarching Strategy

Article marketing, as the name would suggest, focuses mainly on marketing. It can include things like submitting to article directories, UAW articles, article writing services and dozens more article techniques. It’s strictly concentrated on building traffic and reputation for your site in the most efficient way possible.

Sometimes article marketing will involve guest blogging for blogs that have already established themselves on the internet, but remember that article marketing is not the same as guest blogging. Guest blogging is simply a part of the whole.
Simply put, it’s a marketing strategy. A way of presenting yourself to the world. The same sort of thing that middle-aged businessmen will talk about over a conference table and a plate of little sandwiches.

Article Writing is a Subcomponent

Article writing, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same scale as article marketing. It’s still used to generate traffic and establish your brand, and it’s still very effective. It just has a smaller reach. It simply involves writing an article and getting it published. None of the fancy stuff.

It often still involves an article writing service, but that is just about the extent of the techniques they have in common. Article writing is more like a subcategory or a subcomponent of article marketing. It can be part of the overall marketing scheme, or it can be a strategy all by itself.

They do have one thing in common: for them to be at all effective in getting the reader’s interest, they have to be good quality pieces of writing. Any article being used for traditional content writing or content marketing must be providing useful and valuable information to the reader, presented in an interesting and readable. Those rules cannot be broken. Not by any marketing technique.

Because of this, an article writing service can be invaluable. Content marketing in particular favors both quantity and quality, and writing a huge pile of articles whilst simultaneously keeping them readable and entertaining can be back-breaking work. An content writing service team, on the other hand, handles all that for you.

That’s the difference between content marketing and simple content writing, laid out for you in text form. Use this information wisely in choosing which path to go down. Both have benefits, but it’s all up to you.

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